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YouTube Video Clips — Endo, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Pelvic Pain…

You may have seen the YouTube clips to the right (see the “YouTube Slideshow. Random Videos will Cycle Through. Not responsible for content!” arrow).

I really found the “Hyperfluorescent Endometriosis” clip – a demonstration of the hyperfluorescent endometriosis with autofluorescent laparoscopy from Steven F. Palter, MD’s prize winning video – intriguing. I had never heard of this method of visualizing small endometriosis implants that are not easily seen by the naked eye. Dr. Palter mentioned the use of a combination of illumination and observation filters.

There are clips on chronic pain and infertility as well. The clips will occasionally rotate to a new set. It takes a bit of time for it to rotate sets but the clips will switch on their own if you’re patient. I tagged this search for YouTube videos on the topics of chronic pain, endometriosis, infertility, and pelvic pain. Please excuse any ads or inappropriate language that might dynamically rotate through. (I am not responsible for the content of the video clips). The tags I listed should hopefully get it narrowed down to some good videos.

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Here’s a little postscript…
Please see a follow up to this post on JULY 14, 2008
Jeanne’s Endo Blog: YouTube Video Clips — Endo, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Pelvic Pain… ***PART TWO***

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1 Yaya { 06.09.08 at 11:35 pm }

Wow, what is the song in that first video? It brought a tear to me eye!

2 Jeanne { 06.10.08 at 1:40 am }


The way the YouTube videos go through rotation I’m not sure —but I think I do know which song you mean. Was it the song about infertility where there were occasionally words displayed on the screen while she was singing so passionately about infertility? Some of the words were apparently her expressing (quite eloquently) her frustration with society for the unkind comments that so many people make to her and other infertility patients? I’m guessing that is the song you’re talking about. It really was moving! I’ll bet we could do a targeted YouTube search that would yield the name of the song/musical artist.


3 Yaya { 06.10.08 at 10:07 am }

Oh, the one with the horses, and she’s singing about wishing she could run wild like the horses?

4 Jeanne { 06.11.08 at 2:34 am }

The one you saw was a different clip than the one I had seen (which was also very good and also concerned chronic pain).

I did a search and the title of the YouTube chronic pain clip which you referenced (w/the horses and pretty song) is: “Don’t Judge- the saga of chronic pain”:

Here is the info listed on YouTube by the woman who posted this clip:


Added: October 10, 2007 (More info)

Know someone who lives with a crippling disease? Lupus, fibro, MS? Do you know what its like?
A look inside the head of someone who lives with chronic pain

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Tags: chronic pain lupus fibro disability

posted by:

m: booknhorsefreak
Joined: 1 year ago
Videos: 13

(It got 5 out of 5 stars).


For anyone who watches this particular clip, I would suggest using the pause button for the text screens (they go by pretty quickly)… Pausing these will give you a chance to read all her words about chronic pain. Her words are awesome!!

The text screens appear between the pics of gorgeous horses and some pretty mountains. This is definitely the clip about wanting to “run wild like the horses”.

You’re right… it can be a tearjerker. I found her words very moving.


5 caiquecrazy { 07.14.08 at 4:26 pm }

Hi, this is booknhorsefreak, who made the clip you are referencing. I just wanted to say hi, and I am so amazed that this little clip of mine is touching so many people. I wish you all the best ~


6 Jeanne { 07.14.08 at 9:53 pm }

BookNHorseFreak A/K/A caiquecrazy,

Wow! The power of the Internet!

BLOG READERS: Here is the video clip masterpiece I’m about to talk about for anyone who has not yet seen it. Please watch it!

First, let me start by THANK YOU for the breathtaking video on YouTube!

I see that the “tags” you have associated in YouTube with this clip were: chronic pain, lupus, fibro, and disability.

I have numerous “tags” listed (for posting YouTube videoclips that may be of interest to my blog readers).

“Chronic pain” and fibro (fibromyalgia) are definitely amongst them.

Also, many of my blog readers (and me) are disabled. So that may have factored in somehow between the YouTube tags and the Google robot searches (for my blog’s content) that decide what clips get attached to my blog’s YouTube slideshow.

I’m really not sure how YouTube does it exactly. Maybe it’s ALL YouTube tags and Google is irrelevant for that selection process.

Also, one of my favorite chronic illness links (mentioned numerous times on this blog) is “The Spoon Theory” which is found on the website:

The woman who wrote “The Spoon Theory” has lupus but her words can apply to almost any chronic illness. Her words are powerful and have a huge impact.

That brings me to YOU!!!

Your words are so touching and resonate so strongly with anyone who reads them — but most especially with chronically ill patients.

Your words are beautiful beyond description. You pour out your heart and soul in that video clip with your text. You couple it with gorgeous images of wild horses. Finally you attach all of that to the PERFECT song about wanting to run like wild horses.

It is truly a masterpiece!

I am brimming with questions for you because your video clip is SO amazing and I’m sure it touches so many… not just my blog readers or even YouTube viewers but anyone watching the clip on some other blog like mine out there (one that has YouTube clip panel/slideshows like my blog does).

Plus you had many websites listed in the end credits… at the end of your clip.

That must also increase the number of people who have seen this video.

YouTube alone shows 1,404 views of your clip!

So right there your video clip has to have affected THOUSANDS of people at the very least!

I was touched and grateful when I opened your email today! It was heartwarming that you somehow “found me” and took the time & effort to comment right here on this comment board!!!

I don’t know how you discovered that your clip shows up on my blog (via YouTube, maybe?) but it has cycled through and played every single day since I posted it back in June (ever since 6/9/2008, I believe)!

For you to find it & comment on it now (about 6 weeks later) amazes me! My “YouTube post” that you commented on was already archived with all of my June posts. So imagine my surprise when I opened your email today!

Your words were just PERFECT in that clip. Perfect. That song was absolutely beautiful. I would LOVE to know who sings it! It gives me goose-bumps! The video of the wild horses is clearly fantastic. The words you have paired up to the horse images themselves are creative and engaging and just plain touching.

I don’t know how much help you had putting this clip together but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It looks professionally done. I’m assuming you had some help putting it all together…

Frankly, I wish that everyone in the world could see this video clip. There are so many chronic illnesses, disabilities, and “invisible illnesses” out there.

So many people are suffering with them and are often very misunderstood by others.

Just about everyone must know SOMEONE who is either chronically ill, disabled, or someone who has an “invisible illness” (or several “invisible illnesses). Or all of the above!

I myself am chronically ill and disabled. Some of my illnesses show but most of them do not. Yes, I have scars from 7 abdominal surgeries if someone looks at my tummy. However I look healthy “at a glance”. Actually I am in very poor health. Looks can be very deceiving!

A few years back a friend (from my local endometriosis support group) and I decided to attend a workshop at a local college on “chronic illnesses and disabilities”. What a workshop!! That was where I first heard the term “invisible illness”. That workshop was outstanding. I met hundreds of people like me. Some had visible disabilities. Others “looked healthy”. All were chronically ill, disabled, or both! I learned a great deal that day.

Since I began this blog on June 1, 2008, I have learned SOOOOO much that it is incomprehensible to me at times.

I agree with your attitude that you will NOT allow your medical condition(s) to keep you from being the best friend, daughter, granddaughter you can be! I agree with you that it’s crucial NOT to be defined by pain.

This is, of course, easier said than done! Pain can become overwhelming. Pain can make it hard to think straight. Pain can “take over” at times…

However, I believe that the positive outlook that you so clearly possess is a strength that will continue to carry you far!

You may not physically run like wild horses but you can run like wild horses in your mind, right? You can meditate. You can imagine running like a wild horse, right? You can enjoy watching wild horses run and set aside any bitterness that you can’t physically do the same, right?

Your video clip is POWERFUL! In 4 minutes and 4 seconds you were able to convey an INCREDIBLE amount of emotion, pain, gratitude, positive energy, persistence, etc.!

Your clip had just over 4 minutes of beauty, engrossing words, raw emotional pain BUT with an uplifting undertone, perfect and downright hauntingly beautiful music, and breathtaking scenery. I can’t even fathom how you fit so very much into a 4 minute clip.

I admire your ability to say so much with such a relatively short amount of time. You may have noticed by now that I do NOT have that gift of being concise, brief, and to the point!! I am WORDY! I admit it.

I envy your ability so say so much with a 4 minute video clip. I really admire that talent to be “short and sweet”.

I wholeheartedly welcome your comments on my blog any day.

7 Caique Crazy { 07.15.08 at 6:19 pm }

Hello again 🙂

The power of the internet is simply astounding, is it not? It was by chance that I happened upon your blog- I had been asked if it was OK to share my video at another website and I granted permission. I was searching for that website the other day and my screename caught my eye, so of course I had to venture in for a look. I have to say- YOU made my day. That video was just a silly little thing I did whilst sitting at home one day feeling a little blue. When I launched it on youtube, I never imagined the impact it could have on so many.

I used to be very involved with horses, which is why the clip portrays horses. When I was making the clip, I simply snipped out some photos, and played a bit with my freebie photo editor to add the ‘riders’ on the horses. There were so many words that are associated with chronic pain on a day to day basis, it was easy to pick some of the more powerful ones and portray them: anger on a dark horse, saddness on a horse, a fleeting feeling of loneliness, suffering, pain, despair, etc. I knew I needed to end on a positive note with the clip, and I closed my eyes and remembered the days I really did ‘run with the wild horses’ and knew I needed to end it with that thing we all seek- freedom.

I did take some of the passages of text from ‘letters to normals’ that are on, while others are my own, hence the end credits.

To answer some of the other questions: Yes, I did the video by myself. The song is titled “Wild Horses” and is sung by Natasha Beddingfield, it was featured on the movie ‘Flicka’ that came out about a year ago.

I will be emailing you shortly.. it would be a great pleasure to write an article for your blog 🙂 Thank you for reaching out to others.

8 Jeanne { 07.17.08 at 3:58 am }

caique crazy,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to your posted (and awesome) comments!

For more details, please cross-reference the "Part 2 Post" on Your Tube videos called:

"Monday, July 14, 2008
Jeanne's Endo Blog: YouTube Video Clips — Endo, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Pelvic Pain… ***PART TWO***
***PART ONE WAS ON JUNE 9, 2008***"

&&& The video clip posted on June 9, 2008 on this blog can be viewed easily by just clicking the title of this post. It will take you right to it.

That will then route you to YouTube.

This is an AMAZING video on chronic illness!!!

We’ll be in touch soon for more details. THANK YOU and please come visit my endo blog often!


You are VERY talented! I remember… I did see the movie Flicka! No wonder the song sounded familiar! Wow!

We’ll talk soon…

Jeanne 🙂

9 Jeanne { 07.18.08 at 8:37 pm }

caique crazy,

Hello again! I did a bit of research and now know that a caique is a type of parrot, right? I never knew that before your screen name got my curiosity going. 🙂

I’m thrilled that you found my blog and see how your YouTube video clip on chronic illness is inspiring and helping LOTS of people. I updated my initial “YouTube post” from June 9th after reading you comments here.

I posted “part 2” on July 14, 2008 and reminded readers (or informed those who haven’t known of the blog from the beginning or read the archives) about the YouTube video clips like yours that run every day in the sidebar of my blog.

You video was moving, touching, and beautiful. It has gotten lots of positive feedback.

It was awhile ago that I had watched the movie Flicka. So I had totally forgotten that the song from your video was included in that movie.

The July 14, 2008 post I published takes readers right to the horse video/chronic illness video with one click.

I am so glad you posted a comment on my endo blog to “say hi” and let us know that you are the person behind that amazing (YouTube) chronic illness video clip! The Internet is simply amazing with its power to connect people!! Your video IS touching many people! Just look at the hit counter on YouTube alone! I agree with you about the power of the Internet being ASTOUNDING! My live traffic map shows hit from multiple continents and I just started my blog on June 1, 2008! I can’t believe it!

That is really something that you happened upon my blog!

You said that I made your day but YOU MADE MY DAY!!! ? ? ?

That video you made may have been a “silly little thing” you did one day while “feeling blue” (sorry about the “blue” part!)… but the video is anything but silly to the thousands who now view it. YouTube is really amazing, in and of itself. I’m not surprised your video is so popular!

You make the designing of the video sound so easy but it looks professionally done. I don’t know if making videos is in your career field or what but you really made a fantastic video with a powerful, moving message!!! I love the ‘riders’ on the horses and how you picked the color of the horse to match a feeling (i.e. you mentioned anger for a dark horse). You are right about there being LOTS of powerful words that chronic illness patients can use to describe any day of the week.

I just LOVE that you ended on a positive note and it was truly uplifting!!! The whole idea of the wild horses and the days of running with (or like) the wild horses is so great. I totally love that you used the wild horses running as a metaphor for FREEDOM! You are right. We all seek freedom. Too often, chronic illness makes patients feel dependent on others, depressed, anxious, sad, frustrated… However, we all have the power to close our eyes, like you did, and picture those wild horses!!

THANK YOU for a heartwarming video clip that continues to touch so many!

I have such respect for your attention to details with the end credits, etc.

So you did the video all by yourself? Incredible! The song is perfect!!! I wasn’t familiar with Natasha Beddingfield (though I have heard her name). What a beautiful song!

I borrowed Flicka from the library and had heard the song but did not know who sang it or that it was the song on your video. I know Tim McGraw (a country singer my husband likes) played the father of the girl in the film who rides the horse: Flicka. It was a good movie!

Thanks for the email. I wrote you back finally on that. Sorry I was slow. I’ve been quite ill and unbelievably busy (mostly with running to doctor’s offices)!

I cannot wait for you to be a Guest Blogger for “Jeanne’s Endo Blog”. It’ll be awesome! Thank YOU for reaching out to others. You are making a difference! 🙂


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