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World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10, 2012

Monday is World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide prevention is a topic I’ve written about many times in the past. While suicide may be an uncomfortable topic for some, I feel compelled to talk about it because I have encountered several people online in these last few years who struggled with thoughts of suicide. I took a class two years ago to learn about the topic of suicide prevention. What I learned in that class strengthened my resolve to do my part to get the word out about suicide first aid resources.

After taking a look at the latest statistics for the traffic that reaches my blog, I see that it includes people from 172 countries. Therefore, I want to emphasize that suicide first aid resources are available in many places all around world. In the last few years, I have interacted online with people who were having thoughts of suicide that lived in parts of the world far away from me. I found this map of resources to be extremely helpful in identifying the suicide first aid resources nearest them.

Thinking of learning more about suicide prevention? I found the safeTALK class to be extremely informative. It is designed for laypeople (“a training that prepares anyone over the age of 15 to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources”). For more information about a training class near you, see this link.

Suicide prevention (and education about it) is vital. This wasn’t always a topic I discussed openly – offline or online. Over the past few years, however, I have encountered several people through my work online who were experiencing thoughts of suicide. There are many other people with whom I have not interacted directly but who have reached the suicide prevention posts on my blog via some heartbreaking search phrases. While I may not have interacted with them directly, the search strings that led them to my blog left little doubt about the fact that suicide (i.e. suicide prevention, suicide survivor resources, suicide associated with illness) was a topic that somehow impacted them.

Stigma – and other barriers preventing people from finding and utilizing the resources available to help manage crises – cannot be allowed to stop people from getting the help they need to stay safe. Please join me in spreading the word about suicide prevention. Not sure what to say or how to say it? Feel free to simply share the link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even your own blog if you have one. Let’s get the word out about suicide prevention. Help is available. It can be very difficult to find or seek out assistance when one is having thoughts of suicide. Getting the word out about the abundant resources available can make a difference. Please help spread the word about this important topic. Thank you.

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1 endochickNo Gravatar { 09.12.12 at 2:36 pm }

Jeanne – for the past few years, I believe, you’ve taken time to post about World Suicide Prevention Day and you have the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline link displayed on your side banner in bright green. The continued attention to the topic helps remove the stigma placed on the discussion of suicide in society. Search threads with endometriosis and suicide still pop up in my blog history all the time. For those with chronic conditions, the topic of suicide prevention can be especially important. Knowing the warning signs and available resources (both as a patient and as a loved one to a patient) are important. Thanks so much for sharing this post!
endochick´s last [type] ..Ask Endochick – Online School

2 ShaunaNo Gravatar { 10.01.12 at 5:03 pm }

Great post on an over-stigmatized subject. Providing information, education, and bringing suicide down to a level that others can HEAR, is the best we can do as the voices for those with a daily struggle of Chronic Pain & Illness.

It’s that stigma that keeps many who may help others to understand the WHYS & HOWS of suicide ideations & attempts. If more could speak, tell their story, may open up the closed minds and promote understanding of the torment these people live with.

When there’s no cure, no medicine, no help, yet death is not near; sometimes the thought of living for years is not a very optimistic feeling.

Nice job my friend. <3
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