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Way To Support My Writing Here: Amazon Deadline For FREE Super Saver Shipping!

Below is Amazon’s list of Christmas Ordering Cutoffs. Ordering via Amazon is a way to support my writing of this blog. Besides that, ordering online saves time and gas money. If you are interested in FREE shipping, the time is now!

Above chart obtained from on 12/15/2008

While the main purpose of my blog is to HELP PEOPLE, your support by ordering through its Amazon ads is very much appreciated and helps me to continue to provide high quality information and support for various chronic health conditions.

To access the Amazon site, just click any of the Amazon ads located on the right side of this blog.

I have firsthand experience with many of these illnesses and have had the opportunity to locate/use various resources and learn about a wide variety of treatment options (both traditional and alternative). Hopefully through this blog, I can share what I have learned over many years (26 years for endometriosis alone) to assist others in finding information for managing their illnesses.

The amount of time I spend writing/researching articles, responding to blog readers’ comments on the blog itself, interacting with various health care organizations, managing blog-related email, networking with fellow health bloggers for the purpose of improving this blog (by reading and commenting on their blogs and by direct communication), finding video clips for articles, etc. is significant.

I normally do NOT use blog posts for advertising purposes like this. I would like to note that this is an exception to that rule. Since I do work on this blog 7 days a week (either on the blog posts themselves or working on the blog behind the scenes), I think it is fair to be compensated for my time. To be perfectly honest, I I feel a little funny asking for your orders. However, I have learned after 6 months of blogging that ads generally don’t make revenue unless some attention is drawn to them! While I have ads on my blog year-round, it is only recently that I have noticed an upsurge in orders. If I’m going to ask for people’s holiday orders, this is the logical time to do so!

P.S. Amazon orders can be placed through my blog any time of year… not just the holidays!! 🙂

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Reading: Way To Support My Writing Here: Amazon Deadline For FREE Super Saver Shipping!


1 Yaya { 12.17.08 at 11:04 am }

I order off Amazon anyways-and now I love knowing that your blog can benefit from it!

2 Jeanne { 12.17.08 at 1:10 pm }


Thank you for your support!


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