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Twitter Imposter Account Closed

I blogged previously about the fact that an impostor was posing as me on Twitter. (See Twitter Impostor and Blog Action Day ‘09 (Climate Change) for previous blog posts that talked about this.

After 27 days, Twitter closed the impostor account posing as me.


I appreciate everyone’s patience with this situation. Now, please bear with me a little longer while I clean house and recover from this identity theft. To verify my Twitter name at any time, please simply click the light blue “T” Twitter symbol from the top right part of my blog. That will take you directly to my Twitter account.

At this time, there are 3 public tweets listed for my account (down from 8,533). Once I publish this post, I will tweet the link to this post to inform people that the impostor account was closed. After that, I have some more cleaning to do. So, please bear with me. Thank you!

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1 AvivaNo Gravatar { 11.10.09 at 2:12 am }

Yay for them finally shutting down your imposter. Did you ever find out why this person targeted you? So bizarre. And cruel.

I’m glad this chapter is just about closed for you. *hugs*
.-= Aviva´s last blog ..No News Is Good News, Right? =-.

2 AmandaNo Gravatar { 11.10.09 at 2:13 am }

Hi Jeanne,

sorry to hear it has taken so long to close this down but glad the ordeal is now over and you can begin to slow down a bit (I hope?) and take some time to take care of yourself – don’t worry about “getting behind” with comments and things, we all understand!!
And in that vein – thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a little comment, I appreciate it more than ever knowing how busy you have been – but please do not feel obliged to expand on it until you have taken enough time for you and then some! xx
.-= Amanda´s last blog ..Writing the pain – a new project =-.

3 Keri EaganNo Gravatar { 11.10.09 at 5:48 pm }

Good grief this is such a hassle. I tried to think of what they could gain from that….all I could think of were links that looked as though you endorsed them. But they could do that with another account????

Will tweet your post and follow you – help everyone!

Keri Eagan
.-= Keri Eagan´s last blog ..Mutiny at the Asylum! =-.

4 Debby BruckNo Gravatar { 11.11.09 at 7:52 pm }

Jeanne – i have been blocked from following you. Please follow and I will follow back.
.-= Debby Bruck´s last blog ..Beyond Symptoms =-.

5 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 2:53 am }


Yay is right. About time too! It took them long enough. 27 days is totally inexcusable. I have theories. More details to come.

Yes, it has been exhausting. Much went on behind the scenes. Thank you!



6 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 2:57 am }


I’m afraid the closing of the impostor account was not “ordeal over” by any means. That just finally liberated me to close down my own account. I didn’t not take the easy way of simply closing it out as is. No, I cleaned it out first (details to come on why I did this).

I’m over a month behind. So, it’ll be hard for me to ignore that… I’m afraid.

My pleasure. Thank you!


7 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 10:32 am }


I’m having trouble keeping up with comments. So this one will be brief. I left you a more detailed comment on the other post that you commented on. To make a long story short, you’d be surprised at the many motives people can have for things and you’d be amazed at all of the different things so many people are using Twitter for. That impostor was just a needle in the haystack.

After what I saw in the last few weeks that I was on Twitter, it can be a real landmine. It makes me sad because I used to love Twitter and because I met so many awesome people there. The reality now is that there are many on Twitter with hidden agendas. You’d be surprised what people can do on Twitter. It’s certainly more than I imagined until I saw the many things that I did in the latter portion of my time on Twitter.

To top it all off, Twitter support is absolutely abysmal. When it takes 27 days to get a response regarding an impostor posing as you on Twitter, you start to realize that the priorities at Twitter are not in the best interests of its law-abiding users. Identity theft should be handled as a top priority! One of the automated emails I got back from Twitter was actually coded by them as “low priority” despite the fact that the ticket was opened with Twitter’s “impersonation” pull-down menu option. How is that classified as low priority???


8 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 11:42 am }


I am no longer on Twitter. Please see this post: Where-is-jeanneendo?

Closing down my Twitter account was a complete nightmare. I manually deleted 8,533 public tweets. I was unable to delete all of my direct messages due to Twitter errors and inability to access my own direct messages.

I am totally disgusted with the fact that it took 27 days for Twitter to close the account of the impostor posing as me on Twitter. One can only imagine how long it would take Twitter support to respond to an issue like not being able to pull up direct messages. There is no way I could wait for them. I had to abandon ship.


9 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 11:48 am }


I am no longer on Twitter. Please see this post: Where-is-jeanneendo?

Closing out my Twitter account was a complete nightmare. (I cleaned it out before I closed it). For public tweets alone, I manually deleted 8,533 messages.

I’m totally disgusted that it took Twitter 27 days to kill the impostor account posing as me. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy hounding them. It was completely ridiculous.


10 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.12.09 at 12:11 pm }


Let me try this again. For some reason your comment and my reply to it are not showing up…

Thank you for your message here. I am no longer on Twitter. Please see post:


P.S. I just tried leaving a comment on your site but it was everything from my birth date to my address to whether I use homeopathy to why I wanted to join the homeopathy community, etc. All I was trying to do is leave you a comment. There’s no way I could take the time to fill out all of those answers. I have never seen a site that asks so many detailed questions of someone who is simply trying to leave a blog comment. Quite honestly, I found it a bit off-putting.

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