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Why I Left Twitter – A Work In Progress…

This page will be a work on progress. The situation was complicated; it will take some time to figure out how best to explain it. There will be ongoing updates.

11/25/2009 update:

I have not yet been able to write the update I would like to post here regarding why I left Twitter. The circumstances leading up to my decision to leave Twitter are varied and complicated. As some of you know, on October 10, 2009 someone “cloned” my Twitter account. They set up an account using my face, my blog address, and my name (one letter off from my Twitter name). Needless to say this caused a great deal of confusion for my contacts on Twitter. It took Twitter 27 days to close out the impostor account.

Thankfully, my friend Dorian aka @coffeesister was a huge help to me at this time… helping me get the word out to my Twitter contacts and just being incredibly supportive.

The impostor situation was not the only reason I decided to leave Twitter. In the months preceding the October 10th identity theft incident, I had massive problems with Twitter spam.

This page will be a work in progress. I will not have the energy to write it all at once. So, for now, this is about as detailed as I can get here. However, I encourage you to stop back here for updates as I will be writing more as I am able.

Also, please see the following post and blog comments which give more detail than what I have provided here:

“Where is @jeanneendo?” post (including blog comments that have more information)

My reply to Dorian’s blog comment on the above post is especially detailed. If you’re interested in learning more about my Twitter experience, I encourage you to check it out.

My ultimate goal for this page is to summarize what happened that led up to me leaving Twitter, give suggestions/tips to Twitter users regarding Internet safety on Twitter, and maybe even give some more general Internet safety tips.

For reasons that are far too draining to elaborate on at the moment, I won’t get into details… but I will say that a friend of mine had a problem involving Twitter and Internet security. (No, I am not referring to the “cloning” of Endochick’s Twitter account. That was a separate problem). No, this is yet another friend of mine who went through an ordeal involving Twitter. She had problems that really highlighted the urgent need for people to be more vigilant on the Internet (not just Twitter). More details to come on that.

After hearing her story and dealing with my own issues, many ideas occurred to me regarding Internet safety. I hope to share them on future updates to this page. I dated this update to make it easier for you to check back to see if the page has been updated.

I noticed traffic hitting this page (before I had posted this update… when it just said a Twitter update was “coming up”). So, I know there are people interested in learning more about my experience with Twitter. This page will be a work in progress.

So please check back for updates… which will be dated. Thank you!

Please note:

While this particular page does not accept comments, you are more than welcome to leave comments regarding Twitter on one of these related posts:

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12/28/2009 update:

Please see today’s post for more information on the Twitter impostor/identity theft situation and for information regarding Internet security in general…

Online Identity Theft

2/18/2010 update:

Updating this page is definitely on my to-do list! I have noticed that this page continues to get traffic. It is taking me longer to update this page in as much detail as I had hoped as I have been very busy “fighting fires” lately. Namely, we had a recent letter-writing campaign to a newspaper that had printed misinformation about endometriosis. (Good news! The paper printed a letter to the editor which pointed out the flaws in the news article… which had been written by an MD). Also, infertility rights have been under siege in various states and that has been taking a great deal of my energy. Thank you for your patience and I do plan to continue to update this page as time allows!

6/27/2010 update:

Double header… This is an update that mentions Facebook as well as Twitter.

I am having a case of déjà vu . I commented on Mashable/Social Media the other day.

See link below:

FTC Closes Its Investigation of Twitter’s Security Practices [UPDATED]

When I made the decision to close out my Twitter account, I considered closing my Facebook account as well. After careful consideration, I decided to keep my Facebook account and close my Twitter account.

For about a week or two now, I have received some unusual messages upon logging into Facebook. Sometimes the message appeared when I logged in and other times not. Since I had already logged in successfully and found the message a bit odd, I ignored it. (I have the exact words of the message somewhere in my records but they’re not handy at the moment). The bottom line was that it bothered me because the message asked for my email address and claimed that the email address linked to my Facebook account was “no longer valid” (which is untrue).

To make a long story short, I finally decided I’d better report this odd message yesterday. After wading through Facebook screens, I selected the best match for my situation (that I could still login to Facebook, that I could still access my email account, and that I had reason to believe my Facebook account might be compromised).

The moment I clicked submit on that report, I received a Facebook message informing me that my account is “temporarily suspended” while Facebook investigates. So, I am unable to login to my account.

My initial reaction was, “good… please do suspend my account and get to the bottom of it”. Now, over 24 hours later, I have discovered that my account is suspended preventing my use but that my Facebook friends can access my wall, leave messages, and even tag a video to my wall. (One such video has triggered numerous Facebook email notifications that I cannot reply to. There are spammy ones that are irrelevant to the topic in the video).

The only way I even saw that video that I’m getting many comments on is that a friend sent it to me. (Again, I can’t see my own Facebook wall).

So, what’s my point? My point is that I can’t access Facebook now (and I’m honestly not sure that I even want to). I decided to post a quick update here and I will need to do a proper blog post as well. I just thought it would make sense to update this link as well.

It has been over 8 months since my “Twitter Trauma” and I really don’t enjoy the déjà vu I’m feeling with this Facebook situation.

Oh, by the way… there’s one more little hitch. The WordPress contact form for my blog is broken. I have been trying to fix it for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it’s still out of order.

The best way to reach me, by far, is by leaving me a blog comment.

All of my blog comments are moderated by me. If you have a message intended just for me, please just mark it “private” and I will not publish it as a blog comment. I appreciate your patience while I get this latest social media incident sorted out. My tolerance for the amount of time and energy these incidents consume is at a low point. Maybe I should just stick to blogging. Seriously.

6/28/2010 update:

I decided to add this link here:

Facebook Frenzy and Twitter Trauma


I just realized I never updated this page regarding Facebook. After my account was temporarily deactivated by Facebook, I eventually answered the security questions (to prove I was me), changed my password, and got my Facebook account back up and running without incident. Interestingly, a full two months after this occurred I got an email from Facebook. It apologized for the delay in getting back to me. (Yes, I would call 2 months quite a delay for a report coded that the “account might be compromised”)! One would have thought the response time for an issue like that would be much quicker.

Fortunately, the problem was long since resolved by then by simply reactivating my Facebook account. To this day, I still do not know why I was getting the strange messages upon logging in to Facebook but it did look like some sort of phishing scam. I’ve been using Facebook since without incident but I urge people using social media to take such oddities seriously as they may be indicative of some sort of security problem. If something doesn’t look right, question it. It is worth questioning the things that don’t look or seem right. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there. Try to protect your online identity by staying alert to such issues.



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