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Tips For Endometriosis Blog Readers Wishing to Post Comments!

Hello everyone! I have had a couple of blog readers who wished to post comments but are not yet accustomed to blog “comment-posting”. So I decided to post some tips to assist anyone interested in posting comments here on the endo blog. I welcome your comments!!!

Here are step-by-step tips for posting comments to my blog. I have listed the instructions (see below) to hopefully make it easier for you to post comments on my blog (which would totally make my day)!!!

If you aren’t familiar with posting on a BlogSpot blog (like mine), it’s easy… See below:

1) Go to the bottom (underneath) of any of my posts/articles you wish to comment on.

2) Click where is says ___ comments. (The ___ field represents the x number of comments already posted there, if any).

3) A window will appear!

4) In the window given, simply type your comment to me/to the endo blog readers/to the Internet/to the world…



5) Type in your first name if you choose (just a first name, please leave out the last name for privacy reasons!)

6) If you prefer, use a screen name. For example, you could call yourself “Jane” or “John” or any name you like that isn’t in use already.

7) Alternatively, you could bypass the name fields and click on “anonymous”, if you wish.

8) Then, just click “preview” to review your comments before publishing them.

9) When satisfied with your comments, click on “publish”!!!

10) Your comment will then enter moderation. That means it will go to my personal email account.

11) When I see it and have time to respond, I will either “publish” or “reject” it. (I can actually respond FASTER to comments posted on my blog than to direct emails, in general)!

12) The only reason I’d “reject” it is if it had profanity (which I know it wouldn’t from you all!!!) OR if it was advertising something (something I can’t do).

13) Please see my post from June 29, 2008 (in my “June 2008 archives”) called “Endometriosis Blog: Ground Rules for Comments, Google, and AdSense PLUS My Anticipated Response Time for Comments” for clarification on what counts as advertising and what the “rules” are for my comment fields on the endo blog.

I hope this info helps those of you who are new to blog posting. It’s easier than the list above looks. I just made it detailed on purpose to try to help make it easier.

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New to blog commenting? Just click “comments” below post. (If you set up a Gravatar, your picture will show when you comment).

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1 Yaya { 07.20.08 at 11:38 pm }

That’s a good idea. I think I might copy you and post something like this on my blog bc so many ppl keep telling me they want to comment but they don’t know how!

2 Jeanne { 07.21.08 at 4:15 am }


Yeah… copy away! (Obviously just leave off the part that refers to my blog post about my blog’s “Ground Rules…” or anything that is specific to my blog.

Other than stuff pertaining to my site specifically, feel free to copy whatever you want!

I wrote this post up when I heard, like you, of people who wanted to comment but didn’t know how (or people who tried commenting but it didn’t work somehow)!

I figured the better I could spell the steps out for people, the more helpful it would be for all! 🙂


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