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Love Beats Hate: February 10, 2011 Event

Some readers are already familiar with Love Beats Hate but others are not. For those who may not be familiar with the mission and objective of it, I thought I would post this information. The next blogging event will be on February 10, 2011 but we hope to keep Love Beats Hate active year-round.


Love Beats Hate is a blogging event designed to shine a spotlight on the power of love and the importance of speaking out on behalf of marginalized populations.


In the wake of the posting of a page filled with hate speech on a social media site, many bloggers and non-bloggers joined forces in November 2010 to speak out about the fact that targeting marginalized groups is unacceptable.

While a specific page on Facebook helped trigger this event, we did not make the initial blogging event specific to that page. We did NOT hyperlink to the Facebook page in question because we did not wish to contribute traffic to that page as it might well have fed the problem.

While the specific site mentioned above (on Facebook) targeted people with disabilities and people with a particular illness, the page also included references to several other marginalized groups.

Many people reported the page to Facebook and word has it that very similar pages have been taken down by Facebook 3-4 times in the past. There was even a Facebook page set up for the sole purpose of trying to get the initial Facebook page removed. (The individual who set up the hate speech page then started yet another Facebook page aimed at removing the page trying to remove his page). Clearly, much energy could have been expended trying to remove the hate page. The offensive page has since been taken down by Facebook.

While the person who ran that page may have replaced it with another, focusing time and energy on that is not what Love Beats Hate is about. Instead, Love Beats Hate focuses on love, compassion, caring and support. Love Beats Hate was created as a means to speak out about this issue on our terms.

Therefore, any blogger wishing to speak out that it is NOT acceptable to use Facebook or other social media outlets to attack, mock, or make fun of individuals who belong to marginalized groups is welcome to join us in blogging for this event. If you don’t have a blog, please help us spread the word on Facebook (via the Love Beats Hate page or your own Facebook wall by sharing links and/or on Twitter using the #LoveBeatsHate hashtag. If you haven’t already, why not ‘like’ the Love Beats Hate Facebook page?

If you are a blogger who plans to participate in the February 10th blogging event, please post your Love Beats Hate blog post link below:


Our purpose is to speak up for marginalized groups and focus on the many positive, caring, loving interactions that occur online every day. We are speaking up on our own terms to say that “Love Beats Hate”.

Please note:

We will not be using the Linky tool to register bloggers who are participating in the February 10th event. As mentioned above, you may post your own Love Beats Hate blog post link right on the Love Beats Hate Facebook page. There is no need to pre-register (though you are certainly welcome – and encouraged – to post messages on the Facebook page to share your plans to participate). Simply post your Love Beats Hate blog link once you’ve published it.

The Love Beats Hate Facebook page will be the information hub. If you are a Twitter user, your messages there are greatly appreciated. Again, the hashtag for messages sent on Twitter about Love Beats Hate is: #LoveBeatsHate.

This event is run by everyone who chooses to participate in it. Whether you have a blog or not, you are welcome to participate. Those without blogs who wish to do more than share links about Love Beats Hate on Facebook and Twitter might wish to write something up in a Facebook “note”. In this way, your thoughts about Love Beats Hate can be shared with others.

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1 JennNo Gravatar { 01.25.11 at 3:33 pm }

I’m looking forward to the second LBH blogging event!
.-= Jenn´s last blog ..STANDING UP FOR ENDO =-.

2 Jannie FunsterNo Gravatar { 01.26.11 at 12:08 pm }

Dearest Ass-Kicking Blogger,

I just LOVE love. And am not at all a fan of anything remotely smacking of the H-Word here mentioned.

Anytime I myself veer in an H-word direction in my thoughts, I kick that negativity to the curb, for I know H does not do me or anyone in this wonderful universe any good. Not one teeny tiny iota of a minuscule bit.

Peace begins within, as I believe you have posted here on your site. Yes, indeed.

February 10th, eh? February 10th! The day after February 9th, but not quite yet February 11th.

I have seen some 46 February 10ths come and go, my first 26 in The Great White North, these last 20 here in the land of The Yellow Rose and fireants.

Looking forward to February 10th, 2011, a Thursday, I believe.

Yes indeed.

Indeedie-doo, yes.

Love is a good good thing.

.-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Your Deepest Desire =-.

3 JeanneNo Gravatar { 01.27.11 at 10:34 am }

Silly Jannie,

Hmm. How much coffee did you drink before posting this comment?

If anyone exudes love and exemplifies living life in a loving way, it’s you! Oh, people may be fooled at first (very briefly) by your occasional cussing. If they have not visited your blog or heard your beautiful music, they might not understand that your silliness and humor is all rooted in your deep love of life, love for your loved ones, love for your online friends, and love for every living being on this planet. Your spirit of love and compassion coupled with your positivity and zest for life make all who know you feel good!! 😉

I know that you just LOVE love. I also know that you are not a fan of the H-word. The fact that you work so hard at not even saying the word says a lot right there.

“Peace begins within” sounds like a quote of someone or something. I’m not sure who may have said that but it makes sense to me.

Yes. February 10th. Jannie, you are so silly. Perhaps you’re even sillier than usual today? Your silliness makes people laugh and smile. 😉

Well, you former Canadienne living in Texas… I can see that you are fired up about LBH. (I abbreviated it just for you). Must be the fireants got to you. Yes indeed.

You are so silly, Jannie. Thank you again for creating that lovely customized LBH button for your blog’s sidebar to help spread the word about LBH!

Yes, love is a good good thing. If only we could bottle some of that “Jannie Love” energy. Your loving, caring, compassionate way and your humor lift the spirits of so many!

Thank you for spreading the word about LBH!


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