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Jenni Saake’s Tips For Coping With Infertility At Holiday Times…

Recently, I was thinking about how the holidays can be a particularly challenging time for infertile couples. With all of the holiday get-togethers (often with babies and small children present) and with all of the “holiday expectations” many face this time of year, I decided to contact Jenni Saake for ideas on coping tips for dealing with infertility at holiday time.

I didn’t have an email address for Jenni, who I “met” online several months ago through National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week.

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So I sent her a twitter message asking if she had any ideas for writing a post about coping with infertility at holiday time.

Jenni Saake is the author of:

Hannah’s Hope: Seeking God’s Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss

Here is a site with information on her book, referenced above:

Hannah’s Hope

After contacting Jenni on twitter, she sent me several messages back with feedback on my question. I really appreciate her quick response and I’m including links she provided here. Hopefully they will help readers struggling with infertility (endometriosis-induced or otherwise).

Here are the links Jenni Saake provided:


“Surviving ‘Parent’s Days’: 101”

This is an article written by Jennifer Saake. [This article is geared for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but may also help when coping with other holidays, per Jenni].


The Road Less Traveled: A Journey Through Infertility

[This article written by Meridith at the cited link].


Great Books For Christmas Gifts For The Reproductively Challenged Woman

[This article written by Barbara Winters at the cited link].

To contact Jenni Saake, you can click link below to visit her on twitter:

Jenni Saake (aka “Infertility Mom”)

A few months back, there was a seminar on blogtalkradio talking about “Medications, Illness, Fertility and the Desire for Motherhood” with Jenni Saake. (Her seminar is available in the blogtalkradio archives).

Just click the “blogtalkradio” icon in the sidebar to access her seminar from last fall.

Related link:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Endometriosis Blog: National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week – “Medications, Illness, Fertility and the Desire for Motherhood”

Hopefully’s Jenni’s links above and her blogtalkradio seminar will be useful for readers coping with infertility at this challenging time of year!


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1 Yaya { 12.29.08 at 11:30 am }

Wow! Thank you for those awesome links! It is so nice and refreshing to read articles that ‘get me’. The holidays ARE hard, and the average person just doesn’t understand why, but it is yet another reminder that another year has passed and I’m still childless….

Do you think I could ‘steal’ those links for my blog?!

PS Thank you for your very indepth and thoughtful comment on my ‘bunk bed’ post on my blog. I’m still debating, yet everytime I walk into that room I can’t imagine painting over that awesome orange!

PPS Yes, my cousin Ranney is my youngest reader and one of the most brilliant people I know! We just started her own blog

2 Jeanne { 12.29.08 at 2:52 pm }


I'm glad you liked the links!

You are more than welcome to share those links!

In fact, Jenni sent me a twitter message about this post and she sounded pleased that the links were being shared. So go for it!



I knew painting over the orange would gnaw at you. I honestly think if you wait until you have a foster child in your home, you can better assess what to do then. (For those unfamiliar with Alicia's story, she & her husband are looking into a foster-to-adopt situation).

After many years of infertility and multiple miscarriages, Alicia and her husband are now preparing a room for a child they have yet to meet.

See the post here on the Yayastuff blog:

Yes, Alicia. I have read enough of Ranney's insightful comments on your blog to know that she is really special!

I did peek at her blog last night. I didn't get a chance to post a comment yet but it looked great. She's a smart one, that Ranney!

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