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‘Jeanne’s Endo Blog’: Ways To Help Spread Awareness About Our Petition And Media Campaign For Endometriosis Awareness

It is March 1, 2009.
That means that it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month!!!

If you have not watched my new VIDEOS, please check them out. They are located in the right sidebar. You can’t miss them!

WE ARE BUSY!!! Many endometriosis bloggers are banding together to promote this awareness month!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to support our ongoing efforts to create or increase endometriosis awareness and understanding?

Are you too tired to spend very much time doing so?

I have a couple of ideas that you might like to do to help increase awareness of endometriosis:

1) Having the petition listed here on my blog is fine but we’d reach a lot more people if the link was posted elsewhere too. If you have a blog, would you consider linking to the endometriosis awareness petition? Anyone who supports the endometriosis cause is welcome to sign it. In addition to hundreds of endometriosis patients, it already has patients’ grandparents, spouses, parents, aunts, siblings, etc… in addition to patients themselves. The more names we get, the better our odds for media coverage!

Here (below) is the link that will take you to the petition. If it looks like something you’d like to post a link to on your blog, just copy the URL from that screen to use as the link. That way people will be able to access the petition right from your site!

Create Endometriosis Awareness & Understanding

2) If you’re on twitter, Facebook, or any social networking site… please post information about Endometriosis Awareness Month whenever you get a chance.

On twitter, please mark any endometriosis-related tweets with this symbol at the end of the message:


This is catching on and sorts all of our endo tweets nicely!!


If you’re interested in posting one of my banners on your site, please feel free.

Help yourself! There is a vertical banner and a horizontal one…

3) If you think your readers might benefit from any of the info presented on this site, please consider grabbing one of the following banner graphics and installing it on your site with a linkback to my blog. I would greatly appreciate it!

My friend Alicia (aka Yaya) honored me by posting my banners on her site and I very much appreciate it!

4) For anyone who hasn’t written to Mariela Azcuy of Meredith Publishing Corp., it’s not too late to do so. See previous posts for details.

This Endometriosis Awareness Month is kicking off strong with multiple endometriosis bloggers teaming up to create endometriosis awareness on all sorts of projects! It is very exciting!

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1 Yaya { 03.01.09 at 12:03 pm }

Yay! Endometriosis Awareness Month!

You should see if Lee can make up the code for those buttons. Since you already made the buttons themselves it shouldn’t take her long to generate a code box (and she does it for free!)

Sorry, probably should have emailed that to you instead of in a comment…oh well!

2 Jeanne { 03.01.09 at 12:14 pm }


Happy Endometriosis Awareness Month!!

Good point. I knew she did layouts but didn’t stop to think about her doing buttons. I’m only going to be able to use these a bit longer because I am going to:


There I will have a new blog name, blog address, design… the works.

However, I don’t know how long that will take and it would be nice to have some in the meantime.

Do you think asking her to make them when I know the site will be switching around in the semi-near future is fair to her? I don’t know how long it takes to make the buttons.

Not a problem. Lee deserves the plug so good that you linked her.


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