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“Jeanne Endo Blog” Honors Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Author Of The “Ill In A Day’s Work” Article In The Feb 2009 Issue Of More Magazine!

I’m so happy; I feel like I just won the lottery!

I just found a blog for Donna Jackson Nakazawa!

She is the writer of the phenomenal chronic illness article that launched our endometriosis awareness campaign back on February 16, 2009:

Monday, February 16, 2009 Jeanne’s Endo Blog: How MORE Magazine’s Chronic Illness Article Knocked My Socks Off & How Happy I’d Be If We Can Work Together To Get Endo Covered!

Donna Jackson Nakazawa is also the author of a book: “The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance — and the Cutting-Edge Science that Promises Hope”

Upon discovering her blog, I felt compelled to write her and thank her for that amazing article referenced in my 2/16 post:

“Ill In A Day’s Work”

Here’s my letter to Donna Jackson Nakazawa, posted on Donna’s Blog
Hi Donna!

I am SO happy I found this site! If your ears are ringing it’s because I have been singing your praises on my blog!

Your “Ill in a day’s work” article for More magazine’s February 2009 issue is PHENOMENAL!!! I cannot say enough about it. I’ve written on my blog about it! I posted my first vlog (video) entry and even held up your magazine and just plain raved about the article.

Having numerous chronic illnesses, many of which are autoimmune conditions… I LOVED your thorough article!

The first chronic illness to hit me was endometriosis, at age 13. I’m 40 now. So I have dealt with endo for 27 years.

In that time, I’ve participated in local (in person) endo support groups since 1992 (after my diagnosis, which took TEN years from onset of symptoms). I started an endo group, as a volunteer support group leader, in my current community in 2001. I started my blog last June.

My career went up in smoke several years back. I was far too sick to function.

I have heard hundreds of women’s stories… Not just with endometriosis but with others illnesses (many connected in studies to endo)… For example, fibromyalgia, IBS, interstitial cystitis, Reynaud’s Disease, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)… [I have all of the above diagnoses… and other conditions].

My blog is about chronic illnesses. Mariela Azcuy of Meredith Corp. has emailed me publicizing your chronic illness article after seeing my blog.

Since then, I have organized a letter-writing campaign to find a way to get endometriosis featured in the national media. It affects 89 MILLION women and girls. It can affect careers, marriages, fertility, severe chronic pain… It has a huge impact on patients and their families.

I have had 7 surgeries for endo. I have too many other illnesses to count at 1:40 am when I should be asleep…

I just want to thank you for your More article so much!!! I literally held up the magazine in my vlog post on 2/16 on my blog… and asked people to buy it for YOUR article.

I would be honored if you’d take a moment to check out my blog post *about your article*!

I don’t normally post links in blog comments and I’m NOT trying to be spammy but I’m listing the specific link that will route you to the More magazine post with your article:

If you read the blog comments section, you’ll see where I talked about the fact that I would “jump up and down” if we in the endo patient community were fortunate enough to have a writer well-educated about chronic illness (such as you) write a feature on endo!

Endo affects 89 MILLION women & girls. That’s more than breast cancer!

I would be deeply honored if you’d read/view my blog entry from 2/16 about your article.

THANK YOU (!!!) from the bottom of my heart for that More article! Looks like I need to add your book to my very large reading list. There are never enough hours in the day for me to read my mountain of books.

Take care and I’d be thrilled and honored if you check out my blog.

I very much look forward to connecting with you!


Please join me in thanking her for this outstanding article and please also join me in asking for her assistance in helping us find a national voice for endometriosis, which affects 89 MILLION women and girls worldwide… more than breast cancer.

Let’s thank her on her blog and let her know how much we appreciated her article on chronic illness! Let’s let her know that we would be deeply honored if she’d consider writing an article about endometriosis!

In honor of the upcoming March Endometriosis Awareness Month, let’s make our voices heard and spread awareness!

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Monday, February 16, 2009 Jeanne’s Endo Blog: How MORE Magazine’s Chronic Illness Article Knocked My Socks Off & How Happy I’d Be If We Can Work Together To Get Endo Covered!

Friday, February 20, 2009 “Jeanne’s Endo Blog”: *ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS* Letter Campaign Example!!

Thank you.

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Reading: “Jeanne Endo Blog” Honors Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Author Of The “Ill In A Day’s Work” Article In The Feb 2009 Issue Of More Magazine!


1 Yaya { 02.23.09 at 11:02 am }

You always stumble across the best things!

I’ve still gotta buy that magazine, and write my letter (I took the weekend ‘off’ from the computer).

2 Jeanne { 02.23.09 at 2:17 pm }


First, I’m glad you took a weekend ‘off’ from the computer. I know you needed it!

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Second, please put your letter to Ms. Azcuy on temporary hold and write first to Donna Jackson Nakazawa’s blog comment section.

Until you can get to the newsstands to purchase the article, which I know you plan to do, bear in mind that you can view the article online via my 2/16 post by linking on “Ill in a day’s work”.

Actually, now that I think of it, you can link to that same article from this post!

Alicia, this article was written with your name all over it!

It’s Blog Love Comment Month.

Let’s show Donna Jackson Nakazawa some blogger comment love! 🙂


3 Jeanne { 02.23.09 at 3:37 pm }


Endochick has already posted a comment for Donna Jackson Nakazawa on her blog.

Won’t you join us in doing so? 🙂


4 endochick { 02.25.09 at 4:08 pm }

I encourage everyone reading this, and Jeanne’s other blog posts on this issue, to write to Donna. The more people who write the more likely we will see Endometriosis get it’s day in print! Remember: Endometriosis Awareness Month is just around the corner! If you’re on Twitter, let’s gear up and tweet like crazy about it! Mention it on your blog, in your community, to your friends, co-workers, family, heck, even your dog. 🙂 Get to penning (or emailing) those letters so we can see some newsworthy information on endometriosis in the print media!!

And if you haven’t done so, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter: @endochick! See ya there!

5 Alexandra Carmichael { 02.25.09 at 6:18 pm }

Hi Jeanne,
Great vlog!! I like that you’re closer to the camera on this one (and you look beautiful!) – it was a bit hard to hear and took a while to load, but it was worth the wait!
Congrats on the new format! 🙂

6 Yaya { 02.26.09 at 1:06 am }

I’m trying to get my stories straight. Did you say Donna responded to you??

I just left her a few comments, but noticed her last blog post was dated March 17, 2008, so I’m hoping she still keeps up with this blog. 🙁


7 Jeanne { 02.26.09 at 1:23 am }


Mariela Azcuy is who responded to me and to “My Endo Journey”.

I have not heard from Donna. I hadn’t noticed the date. 🙁

Donna’s the one who wrote the article. She has experienced chronic illness herself, per the article. Let’s hope she sees it.


8 Jeanne { 02.27.09 at 7:00 am }


Thanks for the compliments on my second vlog.

I’m not sure why it was hard to hear because it sounds fine on my end. ?? I even spoke up louder on this one after comments about the first one being “quiet”. I’m still getting used to vlogs so I don’t know why it’s quiet for you and loud for me. ??

As far as it taking time to load, I had trouble the night I transferred this from YouTube to my blog.

We had thought that what we had was a router problem but after replacing it with a brand new one, our router is still taking lots of hits… resulting in screens’ freezing and lots of reboots!

So not sure if our current phone line problems (apparently phone line trouble) are a factor with video issues or not — but I’m glad it eventually worked from you!


P.S. I see that you intended this comment to be placed on vlog #2 so I’ll copy/paste it there… 🙂

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