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Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month

Apparently YouTube is extremely busy with Halloween because my video took forever and ever to upload but here it is. Please disregard the fact that by the time you read this it will likely be November rather than October. I tried to get it posted by midnight but YouTube is running like molasses in January, as the saying goes. Here is my video for Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month:

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1 AmandaNo Gravatar { 11.01.10 at 10:52 am }

What a great post for IC Awareness, thank you for sharing something so personal and yet so helpful to anyone else dealing with IC!

Many thanks to your trusted helper… nice to see he was wearing orange too?!

Loved the bit at the beginning… glad you sent me the link to the original ad that inspired it as I would have been completely lost otherwise xx
.-= Amanda´s last blog ..Dreams and Revelations =-.

2 AnnieNo Gravatar { 11.01.10 at 2:42 pm }

“I am not a witch”. Jeanne, you’re so funny! I don’t have IC and had no idea what it involved, but now I do (at least a little). I’m sure lots of people will find this info helpful.

3 DianeNo Gravatar { 11.01.10 at 7:45 pm }

This is very informative! I hope it helps people who have IC.

Also not a witch (from my favorite movie of all time, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”): She’s a witch!

4 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.01.10 at 10:46 pm }

Laughter is the best medicine….


Thank you! Yes, he was also clad in orange for the occasion. I’m glad you liked it. I figured being that you are in England that I had better supply you with the original ad so that you’d see what I was spoofing.



Now, just to reiterate… “I’m not a witch”. Those were not words I ever imagined uttering on my blog. 😉 Thanks, Annie! As I said above, I’m a big believer in the “laughter is the best medicine” philosophy. While it’s hard to get across what is involved with interstitial cystitis in a single blog post or video, my hope was that I could give people some information about bladder instillations.

My hope was that maybe some of my online friends who have IC but have never tried bladder instillations out of fear (or because they don’t currently have a physician who is knowledgeable about them) might look into it by talking with their doctor or even getting another opinion – if their current doctor is not open to/knowledgeable about bladder instillations. I have already had one Facebook friend who has IC leave a comment there indicating that she has been afraid to do bladder instillations but that maybe she’ll try it now. That is exactly why I made the video… to get people who are diagnosed with IC who have never tried bladder instillations to consider the possibility and discuss the option with their own doctor(s).


Thank you! I hope so too. As I was saying to Annie (above), I was happy that one of my friends with IC has already mentioned that this may make her more inclined to consider bladder instillations. They have helped me so, so much.

Aha. You gave me a Halloween present? Well, here is my Halloween present for you. I know you know the song…

As Tori Amos might say:

Here a few witches burning
Gets a little toasty here



5 Jannie FunsterNo Gravatar { 11.03.10 at 7:59 pm }

I AM a witch!!

Hee hee.

This is a very informative post. I did not know about what’s involved with instillations. Now the info is instilled in me forever, thanks.

.-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Whoo-HOOO! =-.

6 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.03.10 at 8:27 pm }


You ARE a witch? Well, I suppose that explains your magical abilities with music, blogging, and life in general. I’ve always thought you had abilities that bordered on magical. Now I know why.

Instilled in you forever, huh? You are too funny! 😉


7 RellacafaNo Gravatar { 11.12.10 at 10:08 pm }

hehe… “not a witch” that’s what all the witches say ;P

Thanks for teaching me a little about what you have to go through, sending love and hugs your way!! xxoo
.-= Rellacafa´s last blog ..A New Perspective On Dance =-.

8 JeanneNo Gravatar { 11.13.10 at 12:15 am }


Let me check my understanding… Are you doubting me when I say that I am not a witch? 😉

I’m glad you enjoyed the mini-lesson on bladder instillations. I’m sending love and hugs your way too!! xoxo


P.S. Please be sure to check out the November 17th Blogging Event: “Love Beats Hate“. If you decide to blog for it, please register on the Linky tool posted on my blog. Thanks!! I think this blog event is right up your alley! 😉

9 Getting Back On Track! — { 05.07.13 at 2:09 pm }

[…] so long without moving/stretching and to have infrequent access to a rest room (considering that my interstitial cystitis can cause severe bladder pain and make for unpredictable timing as far as the need for a rest […]

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