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Happy 2012 New Year!

Happy, “as-healthy-as-possible” New Year!

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1 AnnieNo Gravatar { 12.31.11 at 11:05 pm }

Happy New Year, Jeanne. I hope 2012 will be a very good year for you!
Annie´s last [type] ..The End

2 DarleneNo Gravatar { 12.31.11 at 11:31 pm }

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthier 2012!!

Thanks to Jeanne, for always being here for us xoxoxo

3 AlohamorakatNo Gravatar { 01.01.12 at 1:44 am }


Happy New Year!!


4 JeanneNo Gravatar { 01.01.12 at 2:25 am }


Happy New Year to you too, Annie. I hope the same for you in 2012 and beyond!


Thank you for your thoughtful wishes for everyone! Yes, “happy and healthier” is truly what we’re all striving for, isn’t it? Same to you!!

Thanks to you for being here (and elsewhere) for so many patients in need of support from fellow patients who “get it”. Your support and empathy help so many people. xoxoxo


Thank you for your support all year long, your uplifting attitude, your humor, and your incredible patience!! 😉



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