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Fibromyalgia: Remarkably Predictable!

Sometimes I feel as if I sound like a broken record. I’ll try to explain what I mean in this post. After weeks of trying to summon the energy (and find the time) to write something here, I find myself picking a familiar topic: fibromyalgia. Currently, I’m experiencing a flare-up of it. As any fibromyalgia patient can attest, this is not a pleasant state.

For longtime readers of my blog, it will come as no surprise that the change from summer to fall weather has triggered a flare-up for me. (I’ve written about this before in posts such as this and this).

The human brain is a curious thing. Sometimes we block things that are painful from our memories. For example, even though I have had a fibromyalgia flare-up every single fall for many consecutive years now, I must have somehow blocked last year’s fall flare-up out of my mind. This past summer, we were not able to do our typical 5-7 day summer trip due to scheduling challenges. We did manage to get away for 2 nights and 3 days. I’ve written before about some of the challenges I have had traveling due to chronic illnesses and pain. I did not do anything very strenuous during the trip and I took great care not to overdo things to the best of my ability. Nevertheless, the trip took a lot out of me.

Our summer trip occurred approximately a month later this year than in past summers. I was baffled when I just couldn’t seem to shake the greatly increased fatigue and pain that occurred following the trip. (I kept thinking to myself, “why is it taking so long to get back to where I was before the trip?”). Here’s where my “amnesia” comes in. Thanks to the trip occurring later this summer, my trip recovery ran right into the weather change from summer to fall. Therefore, I hadn’t recovered from the trip when the annual fibromyalgia flare-up kicked in.

Once I finally realized I was having a fibromyalgia flare-up, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t figured it out sooner. The thing is that the pain and fatigue I have after traveling feel very much like a fibromyalgia flare-up. The fibromyalgia flare-up timing (in retrospect) was actually very predictable. Apparently some part of my brain just didn’t want to remember or accept it.

In addition to the fibromyalgia flare-up, I have been experiencing more migraines again. I had been getting them much less frequently thanks to acupuncture. Unfortunately, they’ve been getting more frequent again (though not as bad as when they were at their most frequent/severe). Some were triggered by exposure to fragrances, some were tied to my cycle, and there were some for which I could find no explanation. In any event, my acupuncturist (who had moved on to tackling other issues) has been working on my migraines again and it is helping. (Migraines cause my blood pressure to spike significantly and I’ve had to tweak my blood pressure medication quite a bit lately).

In summary, I sometimes wonder if I sound like a broken record when I write a post like this. I know I’ve written similar posts about fibromyalgia and migraines in the past. My intention is not to bore anyone to tears! Sometimes it just helps to write about what I’m experiencing. Hopefully, by doing so I can help others who have similar situations to at least know they are not alone.

Thank you to my readers for your patience these last few months. I know that I’ve drastically reduced the number of posts I write and that there have been some people who have chosen to unsubscribe from my blog. That’s OK. I am doing my best and people need to do what works for them. I can absolutely understand why some people have elected to unsubscribe from my blog. At the same time, I just want those who have stuck with me for the ride to know that I do appreciate you tolerating my long absences from the online world. Between my personal life and my illnesses, I just haven’t been able to write at anywhere near the pace I had written at before. I hope that everyone is doing as well as possible and I miss talking with you on and off the blog.

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1 Jannie FunsterNo Gravatar { 10.17.13 at 10:57 pm }

Never a broken record to me, Dearest Jeanne!!

I know what you mean about “forgetting” about a seasonal flare-up (like women forget about how much labor pains hurt until the next baby comes along.) I forgot how the cooler weather makes me prone to migraine flare-ups and sore throats, woke up experiencing a bit of both the other morning. Luckily had lots of coffee, ate some good protein and slugged back 3 migraine pills and I was ok within an hour.

Hope you’re feeling better today.

Love you.

Miss you!

Love you!!!

Jannie Funster´s last [type] ..In My China Shop

2 AnnieNo Gravatar { 10.21.13 at 5:24 pm }

Hi Jeanne – I remembered to come through your site to make a purchase on Amazon and wanted to also stop in and say hi. Glad to see you’ve been posting lately and hope you’ve made it to the other side of your flare-up! I just had a little flare-up recently also (endometriosis) and it’s amazing all the memories that came back with it. I’ve gotten about 3 years off from endo drama and it’s been nice to forget all about it during that time!

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