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Father’s Day: Infertility, Quality Of Life – Research On Couples

In thinking/reading about Father’s Day and infertility, I came across an interesting research study. I thought I would share the link to it here for those who are interested. Too often, researchers have not looked at the couple as a whole (when studying the impact of infertility on quality of life).

To read the abstract, click:

The full text article, ‘Congruence of quality of life among infertile men and women: findings from a couple-based study’, can be accessed:

Father’s Day can be a time of grief and sadness for those who have suffered loss (such as infertility). If someone you know is struggling with such holidays, consider asking if there is anything you can do to be supportive. Each individual and couple is unique. The best way to know how to provide support is to ask.

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Reading: Father’s Day: Infertility, Quality Of Life – Research On Couples


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