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Facebook Frenzy and Twitter Trauma

My Facebook account has been compromised and I currently cannot access it. Please read on for more information…

This is an update about the situation with my Facebook account. I am getting hammered with Facebook message email notifications with questions and comments. Facebook has not yet responded to my report (made yesterday) of suspicious activity on my account and my account is therefore still temporarily suspended (which occurred automatically when I clicked “submit” on the button to report the problem to Facebook. This temporary suspension is preventing me from logging in but appears NOT to prevent anyone and their sister or brother or cousin from sending/posting comments on my wall or to me (whether they are my Facebook friends or not). Don’t get me started that I am suddenly (for the first time ever) getting a slew of comments from people I’ve never even heard of. (I still am receiving the Facebook email notifications).

Since my settings are all locked in on “friends only”, I should not be getting the comments from strangers that started flooding my email today.

Again, I am unable to login to reply to any questions/comments from my Facebook friends at this time.

I received many messages today from complete strangers who are not my Facebook friends. So, it would appear that my account was indeed compromised. Needless to say, I am incredibly frustrated that I am unable to communicate with my own Facebook friends when I’m getting hammered with (Facebook) email notifications from them (and from total strangers).

I have received a couple of messages from people (my Facebook friends) with security tips. Thank you. I appreciate your concern and want to explain that:

1) I am unable to personally respond to your suggestions since she can’t access my own Facebook account.

2) I don’t use cookies, have good virus protection, and I regularly perform full scans on my PC. This isn’t a virus on my PC. This is a Facebook issue. There are no problems with any other sites.

3) I have high security/privacy settings set up. (I have “friends only” on all of the settings, I have Ad Block set up through my Firefox Internet browser and therefore don’t ever even see ANY Facebook ads, I don’t play 3rd party applications like Farmville, etc).

4) Even if there were settings that needed beefing up, I cannot login to my own account at this time. So, any suggestions that anyone is sending me on how to set up my Facebook account are a moot point since I’m locked out of my account. (Which is not to say I don’t appreciate the thoughts)!

Twitter account known as @jeanneendo
July 13, 2008 – November 11, 2009


For those of you who aren’t aware, my Twitter account was attacked by an impostor in October 2009. I subsequently decided to leave Twitter and closed my account there out. See this link for more information on the “Twitter Trauma”:

Why I Left Twitter

I am getting hammered with Facebook notification emails that I do not have the ability to respond to since I can’t even login.

So, please understand that any messages you’ve sent me that have not been replied to are in limbo as long as it takes for Facebook to restore my account access (i.e. possibly indefinitely). In other words, I need to give serious thought to whether I want to keep using Facebook.

Again referring back to the Twitter impostor incident in October 2009, it took 27 days of me badgering Twitter (up to 8 emails to Twitter per day) before they finally closed the impostor account. So, I know what it’s like to have many people sending me messages at once and not be able to respond to them. Let’s just say I am NOT thrilled. I’m not thrilled that I can’t reply to my Facebook friends and I’m really not thrilled to have my inbox get hammered with messages from strangers! Essentially, this feels like déjà vu for me since I lived through a nightmare on Twitter that has too many parallels to what’s happening with my Facebook account.

I will ask a Facebook friend to post this blog post link on my Facebook wall to help get the word out to people about what’s happening. I am incredibly frustrated right now that despite being extra-cautious on Facebook, I find myself in a similar situation to what happened with my Twitter account.

If you have any messages for me, I ask that you please NOT post them on my wall and NOT send them to me as Facebook messages. This will add to the backlog of emails I already have and, to be honest, stress me out.

I am requesting that my Facebook friends send any messages for me via blog comment here on Chronic Healing (any post is fine). If you have a private message that you do not wish to have published on the blog, simply mark your blog comment “private” and it will not be posted online. I moderate ALL blog comments myself.

By leaving me a blog comment instead of a Facebook comment, you’re ensuring that I am the only person who sees your message (if it’s marked private), I’m not getting inundated with Facebook messages I have no means of replying to, and I am able to stay connected with you. I know from my Twitter experience that blog comments are the safest, easiest way to stay in touch with people I can’t connect with via “regular means”. I am on a self-hosted WordPress blog. So blog comments here are a safe means of communicating with me.

By the way, my WordPress contact form is broken. It’s been out of order for at least a couple of weeks. I’ve tried installing a new contact form to no avail. So, emailing me there will not work. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I thank you for your understanding while this gets sorted out. To say that I am less-than-thrilled with what’s happening with my Facebook account right now would be to put it mildly! I am incredibly careful regarding Internet privacy and security settings (down to even using a screen name on Facebook) and I am incredibly frustrated to be dealing with the stress of an inaccessible account as I get hammered with Facebook messages (from Facebook friends and strangers alike). It remains to be seen whether I will be able to return to Facebook (even if Facebook suddenly gets aggressive about addressing this problem). I am too sick to have the energy to play games with social media sites regarding security.

For now, the absolute best way to communicate with me is by leaving a comment on this very blog. Again, please mark your blog comment here “private” if you wish for me not to post it online. Thank you.

UPDATE (evening of 6/28/2010):

I have a slight update. I can login to Facebook again. However, Facebook has given me ZERO info on what happened or why.

They sent me this spectacularly unhelpful email:


Our systems show that you have successfully completed the account recovery process. If you have any other questions about keeping your account secure, please visit our Security page.

The Facebook Team

Hmm. I figured out that I could login to Facebook again when I, you know, logged in. So, Facebook’s email noticing that I have logged in/recovered my account doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know.

Considering that I had sent them a very detailed account of what I was concerned about, it would be helpful if they could acknowledge even having received my report of a concern.

Instead, I just got the automated email acknowledging that I have recovered my account. (Also, I received numerous Facebook email notifications in the two days I was locked out from strangers. There was a video posted on my wall that many people were leaving comments on. The video was tagged to a large number of people on Facebook, including me. The person showing up as having tagged me with it is a Facebook friend of mine but she relayed a message through a friend that she did not post the video on my wall).

Apparently, there is some sort of Facebook virus that periodically sends out videos that look like they are from her and that tag many people. While I was locked out of Facebook for two days, I continued to get Facebook email notifications. I just couldn’t reply to any of them. So, anyway, I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep my Facebook account or not.

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1 Susie CollinsNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 6:20 am }

Jeanne, you must be so frustrated. I hope it resolves soon. xoxo
.-= Susie Collins´s last blog ..It’s time to take The Canary Report to the next level- =-.

2 JeanneNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 8:38 am }


That would be an understatement. Me too. Thank you.


3 Toni BernhardNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 11:52 am }

I’m so sorry Jeanne. I suppose no word that doesn’t come under the category of profanity is sufficient to describe how frustrated you must feel. I hope they fix it soon. Thanks for taking the time to post security tips for the rest of us.

4 JeanneNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 12:26 pm }

Hi Toni!

Thank you. Are you psychic? You must be… because you read my mind. (You knew about the profanity running through it). 😉

Yes, it is a wee bit frustrating to have this happen when I have taken such extreme steps to try to be a safe user of social media. Also, it would be nice if Facebook would send me an email considering that they cut off my access to my own account the moment I submitted a report of suspicious activity on it.

In the meantime, I’m apparently the only one who can’t see my own wall and I’m having friends be my eyes for me to tell me what’s happening there. Thankfully, Diane kindly posted the link to this blog post on my wall today to help spread the word about what’s happening (and hopefully cut down on the onslaught of email I have been getting). Hopefully by sharing my experiences it can help someone else. Thanks, Toni!


5 JasmineNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 8:13 pm }

Good to see you posting – hope it’s permanent and facebook gets back to you with a reason.
.-= Jasmine´s last blog ..Me- Migraine- and Medical Marijuana =-.

6 JeanneNo Gravatar { 06.28.10 at 8:27 pm }


I honestly believe the only way Facebook will be contacting me again is if I contact them again. It’s clear to me that they’ve written me off. The question for me is what to do. I don’t have the energy to chase after them and badger them for answers. So, I need to decide (now that my account was temporarily suspended for the alleged investigation they were launching into the problem and is re-activated) if I should just watch for signs of further oddities and proceed with caution… or if I should close my Facebook account and be done with it. I know what I went through with Twitter and there’s no doubt in my mind that chasing Facebook for answers could suck the life right out of me. So, I need to decide whether to give it some time or bail out.


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