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Since I have lived with endometriosis for 30 years and I’ve seen/heard many myths and much misinformation over the years, I’d like to note a couple of key points about it.


It’s important to note that typical diagnosis of endometriosis occurs 9.9 years after the onset of symptoms!

I have heard hundreds of women’s stories: of not being believed by their medical professionals; women who have had their symptoms marginalized or dismissed; women who go from doctor to doctor searching for someone who will truly understand, take them seriously, and help them get relief/manage their symptoms.

There are many wonderful health care professionals out there who treat endometriosis patients. Unfortunately, finding them can be challenging.

An estimated 89 million women and girls worldwide have endometriosis.

According to the Ohio State University Medical Center, endometriosis is more common than AIDS and more common than cancer!

Yet media coverage of endometriosis has typically been lacking and when it does exist, myths are often perpetuated.



It is crucial that we get the facts about endometriosis disseminated. Too much misinformation has been spread and too many myths have been told and re-told. This hurts endometriosis patients!



To hear a refreshing story of where endometriosis patients made their voices heard by the media regarding endometriosis misinformation, please check out the post below. It explains yet another case of endometriosis misinformation but it is a success story because many endometriosis patients banded together to express concerns about a flawed media article that had been widely circulated… and the teamwork paid off with the newspaper printing a correction! (Also, the erroneous article had been written by a GYN)! To see more details, click here:

Endometriosis Advocacy and the Media


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