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Endometriosis Patients Deserve Better

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. One of my readers was kind enough to draw my attention to a “study”. It was published by the fine folks who brought the world the article that I referenced in my last post. (See this post about a “study” on endometriosis that many people found objectionable). Anyhow, the following “study” effectively rubs salt in patients’ wounds. The abstract only is below:

“You are so beautiful”*: behind women’s attractiveness towards the biology of reproduction: a narrative review.

I am unable to post the full article for copyright reasons. Not that I would want it posted on my blog anyway. (Seriously, it’s that bad). The full “research” article was published in Gynecological Endocrinology. As with the previous “study”, I was fortunate enough to gain access to the full article via a friend who is a university employee. Trust me when I say that I am very grateful not to have paid to read the full article referenced above. Personally, I find it beyond disturbing that a gynecological medical journal would publish such an article.

If these articles are what passes for medical research, we have a serious problem. As the reader who made me aware of the second article pointed out, it’s a good idea for people to write in to express their outrage. Unfortunately, I have been occupied offline to the point that it took me over two months to write another (this) post. Therefore, I haven’t had an opportunity to do so as of yet.

While I don’t have any specific addresses for the medical journals that have published these articles, the first article I wrote about was in Fertility and Sterility and this other article was published in Gynecological Endocrinology. While I haven’t had the opportunity to personally investigate funding sources, it’s my understanding (from one of my readers) that the University of Milan School of Medicine was involved in the funding of at least one of these studies. (I urge you to do your own investigation before writing in to ensure that you have the facts).

I believe these “studies” are a disservice for endometriosis patients and others. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a way of speaking out against these “studies”, I agree with the reader who pointed out that writing in is a good idea.

While I wish I had more energy to act myself, I have been in basic functioning mode lately. After having recovered almost completely from the flu, I came down with some other virus. It has taken me awhile to find the time and energy to write this. While I could have expended a similar amount of energy writing to the medical journals and university about these “studies”, I decided I might be more effective, at this time, writing about the “studies” here. My hope is that some of you will gain access to the original articles (rather than just the abstracts) and consider writing letters to the journals concerned expressing your thoughts about these “studies” being published. I also hope someone will take the time to verify that the university named above was a source of funding before writing to it to express your displeasure about the university’s support of such an endometriosis “study”.

While I hope to write some letters myself when I get the energy, I would really appreciate it if any of you who take the time to do so could be so kind as to post a comment to let me and others reading this know that you’ve done so. Personally, I find the “studies” misguided and insulting. There is such a massive need for endometriosis research. It saddens me greatly that there is an entire team of “researchers” who repeatedly publish such “studies” that insult endometriosis patients rather than help them.

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