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Endometriosis Blog: Webcast On BLOGTALKRADIO About Endometriosis

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I listened to a webcast about endometriosis on BLOGTALKRADIO.

* The host was Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

* The show name is “Dr. Vliet’s Savvy Woman’s Health Guide™ – Straight Talk About Hormones”

* The show description is “Painful Periods? You need to know about Endometriosis”

It aired on BLOGTALKRADIO on 6/9/2008 but is available as a webcast on:

“Dr. Vliet’s Savvy Woman’s Health Guide™ – Straight Talk About Hormones”

Here is the description of Dr. Vliet’s webcast on endo:

Dr. Vliet’s Savvy Woman’s Health Guide™ – Straight Talk About Hormones

Whether you’ve been a patient of mine, or read my books, or attended one of my speeches, you know where I stand on issues involving hormones and women’s health. My messages have been consistent over the years – and they’ve been proven reliable. Messages such as “Hormone is not a dirty word” or “Your health problems are NOT all in your head” or “Take charge of your health – and find a doctor who listens.”

As you know, the traditional news media have not always been receptive to these messages. But advances in technology have opened up a new opportunity to get these life-saving messages to ever-larger numbers of women.

With this new understanding of technology, we decided to start a Blogtalk radio program called “Straight Talk”. “Straight Talk” will be your chance to talk about the latest studies making the news, to clarify the meaning of “bioidentical,” or to learn more about fibromyalgia, weight gain, insomnia and other hormone-related health issues. Occasionally I’ll have a guest on with me – such as a newsmaker or a patient telling her story.

The webcast is 60 minutes long. I found it quite interesting. It starts by giving a basic description of what endometriosis is.

Then Dr. Vliet talks about a wide variety of topics including: hormones such as estrogen, estradiol, testosterone and estrone; the World Endometriosis Conference of 2002; adhesions; cytokines; inflammation; endometrial tissue; typical locations of endometrial lesions; The Endometriosis Association; painful bowel movements; painful urination; painful intercourse; dioxin; adenomyosis (endometrial tissue within the muscular wall of the uterus); laparoscopic surgery; theories on causes of endometriosis; the retrograde menstruation theory; the theory that endometriosis is a congenital condition that lies dormant during childhood; genetic factors; immunological factors; “chocolate cysts”; different colors of endometrial implants (that not all doctors are aware of/that may get missed during surgery); the importance of picking an experienced surgeon; dioxin as a cause of endometriosis; studies with a rhesus monkey colony; how dioxin-exposed monkeys didn’t show symptoms until years after exposure; endocrine disruptors; her book; treatment options; suppression of ovulation; GnRH agonists; extreme fatigue; birth control pills as treatment for endometriosis; progestin; aromatase inhibitors; continuous birth control pills as an endometriosis treatment… and GnRH medication to treat endometriosis that can cause side effects such as depression.

Dr. Vliet said some women pass out or vomit from the pain of endometriosis and that up to 50% of endo patients have trouble getting pregnant.

During the radio program, she took several callers. These calls resulted in discussion of questions/comments on treatment options, endocrine disruptors, endometriosis as a cause of infertility, pregnancy, endometrial ablation, endometrial cancer, hysterectomy, GnRH agonists, hormonal changes following hysterectomy, bioidentical hormones, dietary issues, gluten, food intolerance, magnesium deficiency, hormone replacement therapy, and timing of hormone testing for women taking hormone replacement therapy.

She suggested listeners take a look at her website Her Place: Health Enhancement Renewal for Women, Inc.

She said it is a non-commercial website for informational purposes.

I took a very quick peek at Her Place: Health Enhancement Renewal for Women, Inc.

The site had this statement: “Our Website is dedicated to being educational and informative to help you have sound information to guide your discussions with your health professionals. We do not sell supplements, vitamins
or herbs, or other remedies, and we DO NOT use “Pop Up” ads”. (Some of her books are featured on the site).

The site above has access to archives of other BLOGTALKRADIO shows featuring Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. Just click on the yellow button “click for archived shows“. This will route you to a wide variety of radio shows featuring Dr. Vliet.

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1 ReadyGo { 10.26.08 at 11:47 pm }

Thank you so so so much for the comments! It was wonderful to hear from someone who has been through what I’ve been through (and worse). Your experience after the laparotomy was so powerful, and really opened my eyes. So many times I feel like I should just push through everything, and that by not pushing through it, I’m cheating myself. It’s really important to hear life experiences like this, and I’m so sorry it had to happen to you. But you’re doing a wonderful thing helping us who are dealing with similar things, learn from you. Thank you so much!

I’m listening to the blogtalkradio link you posted right now and it’s amazing! It grabbed me with just the mention of a link between hashimoto’s and endo. And the lupron information is great. I will have to get my friends and family to listen to this, I think it can really help.

Please keep in touch. I look forward to hearing more from your terrific blog.

2 Jeanne { 10.27.08 at 3:52 am }


Thank you for the kind comments!!

The laparotomy deal was quite an experience! I learned my lesson!

Pushing too hard can result in future, additional illnesses! I’m a textbook example of that! I used to work 80+ hours/week regularly and now I’m too sick to work outside the home.

I did some things in my 20s that I regret. Mostly… pushing myself TOO HARD!

"Cheating yourself" would be pushing yourself so hard that you permanently damage your body… like I did. It's so not worth it! You don't need to thank me.

If you'd like to join a new "endo group" on Facebook, let me know and I'll send you an invitation.

It's called "Together We Can Cure Endometriosis". 🙂

My Facebook name is "Jeanne Endo". 🙂

CureTogether (a medical organization researching endo!) spearheaded the Facebook group and it's really taking off. (It's still brand new). 🙂

I'm so glad you like the blogtalkradio link! Wasn't it thorough and insightful?? I really liked it. I thought it was packed with great info. Dr. Vliet has other radio programs via blogtalkradio too…

Please remind me if you need the Facebook invite. I'm losing track of who I already invited and who I have yet to invite! I'm drowning in email!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Take care,


P.S. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!! I'm about to add you right now to mine (& I'm going to add you to my "following" function via 🙂

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