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Endometriosis Blog: The Value Of A **REAL** DAY OFF!!

Endometriosis blog entry for 7/31/08:

Yesterday I didn’t “practice what I preached”. I meant to rest but instead I didn’t. What I saved in blog-writing time, I made up for in blog-related emails and long replies to yesterday’s comments.

Therefore, I am going to take a true day off from blogging today: no posting entries, no replying to comments, no networking with fellow bloggers, no installing tools on the blog, no checking blog traffic.

This will be the first 100% ***REAL*** DAY OFF since I began blogging on June 1, 2008!

After that we have relatives coming into town and I will be pretty busy. So if you post any comments and don’t get an immediate response, you’ll know why. I’ll do my best to catch up on answering comments when I return but they will remain in moderation until I resume blogging.

So we’ll call this my “out of office” message for at least a day.

I hope you’ll keep those comments coming in while I’m away and that you’ll stay with me/check back soon on my endometriosis & chronic illness blog!!

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1 endochick { 08.01.08 at 8:11 pm }

Enjoy the down time, Jeanne. I’ll be sweating away at my daughter’s birthday party – full of loud, crazy relatives, thinking of you laying back and chillin’. Sounds nice.

2 Jeanne { 08.01.08 at 9:08 pm }

Oh Endochick!

If only the down time I had hoped for translated into reality. Let’s just say… it didn’t. I kept my commitment to myself and I did take my first “blog-free” day since June 1st yesterday. Unfortunately, it ended up being a very stressful day. Let’s put it that way.

Like you, I have heat intolerance. I always have… even as a kid. The heat has been known to cause me to faint.

Anyway, we have out-of-state relatives that we’ll be visiting with starting tomorrow until ???

I hope your daughter’s birthday party goes well. I wish I were chillin’ like you think I am but, alas, I am not.

My thoughts are with you as you manage with the heat. It makes me nauseous and dizzy beyond belief. I can’t wait for winter. Give me snow anyday! 🙂


3 Yaya { 08.03.08 at 11:07 am }

I’m so glad you are giving yourself some time off! You deserve it!

4 Jeanne { 08.04.08 at 9:01 pm }


Thanks! I think everyone needs a “change of scenery” once in awhile! 🙂


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