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Endometriosis Blog: NEW YouTube Video Clips! Endometriosis, Chronic Illness And Other Topics Of Interest!!

I just wanted to let readers know that the previous YouTube section of this blog has been deleted. It has been replaced with a new YouTube video clip section.

See the new YouTube video clips in the right sidebar under:

YouTube Video Clips: Endometriosis AND Other Chronic Illnesses

The previous YouTube clips were randomly pulled from YouTube using keywords like “endometriosis”, “pelvic pain”, and “fibromyalgia”. There were also some ads that were interspersed between the clips on the previous YouTube clip section and everything then appeared in a rotating slideshow.

The new YouTube section currently contains video clips that I handpicked. While some ads may get added in later, right now the video clips showing are just ones that I selected.

I should pause at this point to apologize to anyone who had the misfortune of viewing my YouTube video clips last evening. YouTube does have a filter that is supposed to screen out objectionable material. It didn’t work last night and I was a bit stunned at a couple of the video clips that were on my screen when I went on my blog last night!

Let’s just say that the video clips that appeared last night were randomly selected by YouTube using keywords (not just ones like what I referenced above but also content words from within this blog). So (apparently) since this blog contains gynecological terms… when the filter isn’t working (as I discovered last night), some inappropriate clips can appear! I’m sorry if anyone else had the misfortune of logging on last night and seeing them. I immediately deleted that slideshow last night.

Fortunately, I had already been working on putting together the new YouTube section for a few days before that. So I finished and installed the new YouTube section last night. The new YouTube video clips are ones I selected that I thought would be of interest to readers. (Hopefully if ads do get mixed in with the clips later I will be able to find a more effective way of screening out clips that are inappropriate for this blog).

There are 10 clips on the new YouTube area. Topics covered include some that will look familiar and others which are totally new.

One that may look familiar from the old slideshow (that I had found fascinating and didn’t want to lose in the new YouTube area) is on a surgical treatment for endometriosis called “autofluorescence diagnosis of endo” or “spectral endoscopy”.

In addition, topics covered in the video clips include the following: chronic pain/illness in general, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, the value of support networks/groups, interstitial cystitis, infertility, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, and mindfulness meditation with a clip of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Many of the illnesses I just mentioned are known to many readers of this blog as co-existing illnesses to endometriosis.

Another clip that will look familiar to those of you who saw the previous YouTube slideshow is the outstanding “Wild Horses” video clip about chronic illness and chronic pain. Accompanied by background music by Natasha Bedingfield, this clip is FANTASTIC and sure to be appreciated by anyone who is chronically ill (whether with endometriosis or otherwise). If you missed this clip the first time around, I highly recommend checking it out!

With these new YouTube video clips, you can toggle through to see the ones you want rather than waiting for them to automatically rotate as they did previously. To do so… simply click on the arrow symbol on either side of the video screen (about halfway down the screen). The left arrow will take you to the previous clip and the right arrow will take you forward to the next clip available for viewing.

If I’m not mistaken, you can also expand the size of the video clip by double clicking on the clip you want to see. (I was pretty tired last night when I completed this so maybe I dreamed it! I’m honestly too tired to check now so I’ll let you explore the clips on your own). 🙂

I think these video clips are helpful for a couple of reasons. One is that they give a ‘visual’ that may be a bit more exciting to look at than than just reading text. Another reason is that they explain things in a way that I probably couldn’t do justice to in print. Finally, I know when I’m tired and/or in pain that it’s sometimes easier to watch a video clip than to read about the same topic. So the clips may be helpful in that way too!

I’ll be anxious to hear your feedback on the new video clips. I hope you like them.

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Let me know what you think! 🙂

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