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Endometriosis Blog: HOPE Really Matters For Healing, Coping, & Managing Chronic Illness!

While reading through the excellent endo blog listed below (an awesome find!), I found yet another treasure! First see the endo blog that I first viewed:

The above link is to a superb blog by a courageuous woman who has endometriosis. It’s fascinating reading.

On her blog, I noticed a comment from another endo patient named Alex. Alex’s comment on the endo blog included a link to her Harry Potter-inspired blog (see below). Since I LOVE Harry Potter (reading those books got me through a surgery recovery so nicely!!), I had to check out her blog:

Anyone who has browsed through the “My Shelfari” virtual bookcase on my blog has seen that I have included the entire boxed set of Harry Potter there. Someday I’d love to afford the real set rather than the virtual one. Anyway, my local library has all of them so I can re-read them whenever I want. (I normally NEVER re-read a book but we’re talking Harry Potter here)! Anyway, Alex has endometriosis too. So that got my attention and I skimmed through her blog next. I noticed a widget/tool that said simply:

The Foundation For A Better Life (or FBL for short).

So I clicked on it (the same red button that is now installed on this blog too)!! It’s very cool! The red color grabbed my attention so I clicked on it on Alex’s site and found a very cool website:

The Foundation For A Better Life (FBL)

Per the website above, The Foundation For A Better Life describes itself as follows:

“We are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the values that make a difference in our communities. We create public service campaigns that model the benefits of a life lived by positive values. In turn, we hope to inspire people to make values a part of their own lives, and then to communicate the benefits to others.”

This site quotes Mother Teresa, features Gandhi and Einstein… and so much more! I highly recommend it and have installed the Foundation For A Better Life’s red button widget/tool on my blog (just check near my traffic map and you should see it). Anyway, if you click the red button it will take you to their great site and you can check it out for yourself!!!

On the site, I found a video clip intended to be a TV spot for a public service announcement. It is about HOPE. I can’t seem to get the video to post directly here. So you can view it by simply clicking on the link below:

This message of HOPE may (hopefully) give a bit of help to those having a day with pain flaring up, a day of exhaustion, or a day of utter frustration. I hope this “HOPE” video clip gives you some HOPE that you WILL get through your challenges and be stronger for it!

I hope you find this organization — The Foundation For A Better Life (FBL) — as intriguing as I did. Their site is really cool and loaded with things you may enjoy!

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Reading: Endometriosis Blog: HOPE Really Matters For Healing, Coping, & Managing Chronic Illness!


1 Alex { 07.19.08 at 11:06 pm }

Jeanne, I got to work this afternoon and now have my very own Endo blog! It’s just in its beginning stages, but I’m so excited! Thanks for spurring me on, I really had been wanting to do this for a while! The url is:

2 Jeanne { 07.20.08 at 3:43 am }



I’m so happy for you!!! Isn’t blogging fun?

Let’s see now:

+ We get to connect with really cool people about topics on which we are very passionate AND we get to help others/learn in the process!

+ We get to exchange info with others who really “get it”.

+ We get to “vent” when necessary to people who have been “in our shoes” AND we get to console others in their tough times (drawing on our own painful memories to create something positive out of something that WAS a negative).

Sounds good to me!!! Time flies when you’re having fun. Lately my days pass by like lightening!

Between just endo blogging and doctor’s appointments alone, I have been very busy!! Plus I have lots more to do than blogging and visiting every doctor in my geographical area (at least it SEEMS like every specialist doc out there!!)….

That is fantastic! I just looked at your blog and it’s great! The background of it is so cute and your picture with your hubby is adorable.

Your story is very touching!

Every woman I have ever met who has endo has some heartwrenching story (or stories) to tell. It shouldn’t be that way!

THANK YOU for listing my blog on yours already!!! My goodness! You didn’t waste any time!

You must have been planning this awhile. That site looks well-planned! I’m not sure if I can take any credit for spurring you on. 🙂 It looks like you’ve been working on it for awhile!

Here’s another shameless plug for you…

Hey everybody! Check out what is probably the newest endo blog on the planet! 🙂

Seriously, it looks GREAT and I’m VERY happy for you! I know how great I felt once my blog was officially formed. Even though I was just starting to post content on it, it was SO exciting just to start to get accustomed to the look and feel of it. It’s such a rush!

I had secretly thought of making a blog for several weeks before I took action and just did it! I had 2 people who gave me helpful nudges:

1) I had been enthusiastically following a blog ( for a few months and I talked about it a lot to my hubby. One day, my husband asked me point blank if I had ever thought of creating my own blog. I actually HAD thought of it but I hadn’t even mentioned it to him (very unusual for me to keep quiet but I was a bit nervous and unsure if my health could hold up to “blogging”).

2) About 2 weeks later my blogger friend, Tracee Sioux, emailed me. She asked me the same question my husband had, adding “with all the time you spend posting on my blog, I’m sure you could create and maintain your own”… or something like that. She helped me a great deal in accepting the idea of jumping in and just doing it. (Now I sometimes don’t know when to quit and my body screams STOP). See my “Gratitude Moment” post to Tracee Sioux on my June 21, 2008 posting.


P.S. Your blog is so awesome already from DAY 1! I was the lucky woman who posted your first official comment! 🙂


3 Mckay K { 07.20.08 at 5:46 pm }

Jeanne, this is a wonderful post. I can see why you reviewed the blog sites that you chose. They are all worthy of your attention.

I enjoyed Ales’s site. it is so pretty and I left a comment on her blog telling her so. She created a beautiful blog that is not only interesting but very pleasing to the eye.

Alex’s dogs remind me of my house. Three of my four pit bulls are almost always in the office with me when I am blogging.

I feel so sorry for “My Endo Journey”. She seems to be going through some debilitating pain at this time. That is why it is so important that she tell her story.

That way, others will understand what it is really like.

I kept reading and got down to the Foundation for a Better Life. I love-love-love this site. It made me smile and reminded me to smile through out the day.

I also linked to it. now I can just go on that site each day and feel better.

You are so intelligent and it shows in your writings. Great post!

Stay well

4 Jeanne { 07.21.08 at 2:53 am }

mckay k,

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Aren’t those sites terrific?? I love them!

I enjoyed Alex’s site too! It is beautiful both aesthetically and in the content! Her words are very touching, honest, and emotional. Her story will resonate with endo patients the world over who have had similar experiences! Hmm… I pulled up her site today but could not locate your comment back to her?? Are you sure it took OK? Maybe I’m missing it with my sleepy eyes but you may want to double check. I’m sure she’d love your positive feedback on her hard work!!

Alex’s dogs being named after Harry Potter characters just cracked me up!! I literally laughed out loud (LOL! As the saying goes) at the pics on her Harry Potter site, when I spotted them there (a site which you can link to from her endo site if interested).

A close friend (and fellow endo patient!) all but begged me to read Harry Potter. Normally, any reading I do involves strictly immersing myself in complex medical-related books, medical journals, medical articles, etc.

So she had to literally “talk me into” reading Harry Potter. SHE KNEW I’D LOVE IT!

I hadn’t read “for FUN” in a long, long time. Holy cow!!!

Harry Potter books are SO awesome. Such an escape from feeling sick!! I started reading the series before my January 2008 surgery and read all of them back to back with no breaks! They aren’t short, either!!! That really got me through my surgery recovery! They are engrossing and funny and I highly recommend them!!! They are available on tape if that’s easier for you with your eyes. I saw the taped versions out at my local library. Several have also made it to film. The movies are great too!

I feel badly for “My Endo Journey” too! Her bravery and honesty is commendable and I hope she gets some relief soon!!! Her story MUST be helping many already!!!

I just KNEW you’d like “The Foundation for a Better Life”! I love-love-love it too! Isn’t it great? I found it on Alex’s Potter site. From Gandhi to Mother Teresa to Einstein… I just love that site!

Did you get the HOPE video to launch OK? I haven’t heard any feedback on the video yet. I couldn’t put it on my site directly so I just linked back to the Foundation’s site. I hope you saw it! I’m so glad you like the widget and that you now have the link too. The organization looks pretty new if you look through their awesome site. It is inspirational! I think it helps people remember priorities and what really matters: love, peace, compassion, hope, etc.

Thank you for the kind words!! I love writing and this blog has become a wonderful outlet for me.

Thank you! I’m glad you liked the post!

Stay well yourself, my dear…



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