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Endometriosis Blog Announcement: New Feature On This Blog — Infertility/Pregnancy Loss News Source Available In Right Sidebar!

I am pleased to announce a new feature available on this blog! This feature will serve as a means of connecting you with a superb blog (including a blogroll within) that you may find extremely helpful.

Many women with endometriosis are affected by infertility and miscarriages. I came across the outstanding resource I’m getting to in a moment on Pamela Jeanne’s infertility blog:

I thought this feature would be a fantastic addition to this blog — that serves so many women experiencing infertility. (Several of my local endometriosis support group members have had at least one miscarriage as well).

If you are interested in accessing this new feature: “Lost and Found: News Source for the Infertility/Pregnancy Loss Blogosphere”, simply scroll down the right sidebar of this blog until you reach the gray (vertical and rectangular) “Lost & Found” logo.

Once you see the gray “Lost & Found” logo, just CLICK ON THE LOGO ITSELF to get to a WONDERFUL blogroll of sites on these same topics and more! When the site it then connects you to appears on your screen it will say, Lost and Found and Connections Abound. “In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

This blog (Lost and Found and Connections Abound) may well be the most comprehensive source of blogs on — infertility; miscarriage; adoption; “family building when single”; “gay and lesbian”; general helpful sites and support;”in the news”, “IUI and IVF”; “Living Child-free After Infertility or Loss”; Pamela Jeanne’s awesome blog (which has been listed in my favorites for some time now); etc. and more! It’s the most complete list of info that I have EVER SEEN on these topics. It’s really astounding!

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1 Pamela Jeanne { 07.19.08 at 6:30 am }

Thanks, Jeanne, for the shout out and the kind review. Really appreciate your support and understanding!

2 Jeanne { 07.19.08 at 7:12 am }

Hi Pamela Jeanne!

I hope you are enjoying the BlogHer convention!

It is my honor and privilege to share your blog AND the IF/pg loss news resource blog!

So many women out there are in need of support and your blog has touched me and others I know.

I try to check your blog daily if I can and I subscribe to you so I get your emails. 🙂 (I have to figure out how to set up something like that so people can subscribe to my posts)!!

I’m still very early in the learning curve. I just started blogging on June 1, 2008. I have learned SOOO much already and I just love it!

Once you get finished with the conference and settled in, I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback on my new blog if you get a chance to peek at it:

As an endometriosis patient of 26 years (I’m now 39 years old) and having been (volunteer) group leader/founder of a local endo support group for 7 years next month, I have loads to share about my personal experiences AND things I have learned from fellow patients.

I learn so much by networking with others who “get it”. It’s just amazing!!

Enjoy your conference!!! 🙂

Take care,


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