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Endometriosis Blog: A New Look Because Change Can Be A Good Thing!

I decided it was time for a change… So the blog has a new look!

What do you think? Please provide your feedback in the comments section.

In addition to changing some colors and fonts, I have added widgets on the environment and green living.

These topics are of particular importance to endometriosis patients in light of the effects environmental factors can have on endometriosis patients. (See the 3 posts from this past week regarding environment and endometriosis). I also deleted some widgets that were no longer adding value.

In addition, I moved the section previously titled Some Of My Most Frequently Visited Sites to the right sidebar (see the bottom of the sidebar).

Look for the Worthwhile Reading section to see these informative links.

I think you’ll find the new look easier on the eyes and more engaging.

Please let me know what you think!


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1 Konstantin Koss { 09.01.08 at 4:49 pm }

Uh you want me to be honest, right ? =)

At first I didn’t notice what changed. Then, scrolling down, I thought it looks too crowded in here. I can’t really get a focus on what’s important. And there is a “quote of the day” widget that is busting the site design.

Hope that helped!

2 Jeanne { 09.01.08 at 7:05 pm }

Ouch! Geez, Konstantin… For a relaxation expert, you can be a little harsh. 🙂 🙂 🙂

SERIOUSLY… yes, I do want honest feedback and I really DO appreciate you taking the time to comment (even if you ripped apart my blog). Ha ha. 🙂

OK… It may actually be somewhat cluttered but I honestly don’t want to part with anything on it so I may have to live with some clutter… but you may have a point with that. I don’t think it’s any more cluttered than before but I hear you.

This “revamping” was not a huge one like your site had recently. However, I did make numerous changes (even if they aren’t noticeable to the typical reader).

First, I changed the fonts on the entire site and also tweaked a few colors (text, titles, etc.) It was nothing major. I just felt like changing it a bit.

I added an environment widget and a green living widget as these are very important topics for an illness directly affected by environmental issues, toxins, etc.!

Since I just wrote 3 posts on environment & endo, I thought adding environment & green living widgets would really be appropriate.

Since it’s coming up in September, I also added a ‘chronic illness awareness week’ widget; I took out a widget or two that were no longer needed as well.

My favorite links got moved into sidebar since they were previously hiding at the very bottom of the blog where somehow a HUGE gap had cropped up between the bottom of the posts & the top of the favorites that looked just terrible. So I’m glad to have fixed that!!

When I fixed that bottom portion of the blog, I moved my sitemeter to the top of the sidebar just because I needed to put it somewhere & I felt like putting it there.

I added some AdSense links in the (now fixed) bottom portion of the page where the favorites used to be and changed the order of the sidebar items to try to make them a bit more logical.

In addition, I added an RSS subscription feed.

I’m a big quote person so I’ll always have quotes. I also took out some profile info to shorten it a bit.

Just since I was bored, I changed the ad colors. I realize the colors are a bit “shocking” but they do get attention and that’s the whole point — so I can live with it. I was just getting sick of the old colors.

As far as it looking cluttered, I really have the same stuff as before… pretty much. It’s just re-arranged.

The only things I added were the environment/green living widgets and the chronic illness awareness week widget. I really think they are all good things to have on the blog.

Actually, I did add one more thing: “shared items”. However, I kind of like that feature! If you click on it, you’ll see the cute ocean life background and any text that didn’t fit in the sidebar. I think it’s kind of cute. It’s also helpful for communications since my MyBlogLog and Twitter are both down now!

If I can ever get the Amazon affiliates code to work (!), I’d like to replace 'My Shelfari' (and that already existing Amazon widget) with an Amazon carousel widget featuring books I’ve picked. Blogger doesn’t seem to like Amazon’s code at all.

I’m aware that the Foundation for a Better Life “Quote of the Day” is truncated. That was actually on the blog before I made any changes. Here’s the deal… I have seen that widget on MANY sites and it’s chopped off on every single site that has it. It drives me bonkers that it’s chopped off but I LOVE the quotes it has. So I’ve been trying to learn to live with it. Believe me that it makes me a bit bonkers but I really love their quotes and if you click on that widget it takes you to their cool site. They are new so I think they are still “working the bugs out”. I’m hoping they’ll fix that problem with letters getting truncated.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s it. I actually made quite a few changes, as I outlined above, but I don’t really think it’s any more “cluttered” than before. I hear your point about it being a little “busy” looking but I don’t want to part with anything on it right now.

I’ll take your comments into consideration. I may not be able to implement your suggestions but I’m sure you’ll understand since you passed when I picked lavender for your site’s accent color as “too feminine”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have a great day!!

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