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Endometriosis Awareness Month: Migraine Detour

What do the woman pictured and I appear to have in common?

(1) We both have wrinkle-free, youthful skin.
(2) We are both wearing eye makeup.
(3) We are both feeling migraine pain.

If you guessed number 3, you win the prize. Unfortunately, I have no prizes to give out. So, hopefully you will be satisfied to have as your prize the knowledge that you guessed right. Did the blog post title give it away?

Hopefully tomorrow’s acupuncture session will expedite getting this migraine to pass so that I can get back to working on Endometriosis Awareness Month. In the meantime, please sign and share the endometriosis awareness petition (see right sidebar for link).

Thank you for your patience.
The skinny needles my acupuncturist uses.

P.S. For those wondering, my youthful skin took a hike awhile back and I don’t wear makeup. So, that leaves number 3 by process of elimination. While I cannot prove the woman pictured has a migraine, answer 3 is most logical due to process of elimination. Yes, I have insomnia that is making me punchy now. Thus the silly post.

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1 AnnieNo Gravatar { 03.12.11 at 11:43 pm }

Hope the acupuncture did the trick!

2 JasmineNo Gravatar { 03.13.11 at 1:03 am }

Gentle hugs, Jeanne. Hope you’re able to catch up on rest despite your migraine pain. Easier said than done, I know.

3 EndochickNo Gravatar { 03.13.11 at 10:47 am }

I so hope whatever therapy you can get for this migraine helps. I know this is a rough time for you with these migraines! Get feeling better.

4 JeanneNo Gravatar { 03.13.11 at 6:56 pm }


The acupuncture definitely helped. I was feeling a lot better yesterday than any day late last week. Unfortunately, I am having rebound pain today but it is less severe pain than late last week and I am hopeful that the pain is on the way out. I’m sure my head would be in more pain than it is if I hadn’t had acupuncture yesterday.


My sleep schedule is a mess. I was up until what would have been 3:30 am my time (but it was really 4:30 am with daylight savings time). Then, I slept all day today for the third time in a week. So, I’m getting rest… just not at the right times. I look forward to getting back on track… not that my sleep schedule is ever what anyone would call “normal”. 😉


I truly believe that the cervicogenic migraine physical therapy and the acupuncture targeting migraines has helped. Unfortunately, it has not eliminated migraines by any means. I have seen less intense and less frequent migraines since I started PT and since I had my acupuncturist start focusing on the migraines. So, I know it could be worse because it was before I started those two things. Interestingly, my calf pain was significantly less this month and the only thing that has changed was that I had my acupuncturist work on my calf in the last couple of sessions. I didn’t even have him work on the calf yesterday because we were focusing on more urgent things. So, that was progress. I am hopeful that my head pain will lift soon.



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