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Endometriosis AND Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)??

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Today I started a new group called:

“Endometriosis and MCS”

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It is located in the NING social networking portion of The Canary Report.

Rather than re-invent the wheel here, I am going to borrow heavily from my own “intro” posted on the new group where I explained why I formed it:


I have lived with endometriosis for 28 years and my MCS diagnosis occurred 18 years ago.

Over the years, I have met many women who have both endometriosis and MCS. I have been unable to find any peer-reviewed research that links the two conditions. (If you have some, please let me know). I have met so many women with endometriosis who have either been diagnosed with MCS or who identify themselves as chemically sensitive.

From 1992 – 2008, I participated in endometriosis support groups locally. (In 2001, I started an endometriosis support group from scratch after getting married and moving away from the group I had attended previously… and I facilitated our monthly support group meetings for 7 years).

Over the 16 years I attended monthly endometriosis support group meetings, I encountered MANY women with chemical sensitivity issues.

From when I started writing my blog in 2008 through the present, I have met many more women with both MCS and endo. Some I have met through my blog. Others I have met via The Canary Report.

I recently encountered several people on Susie Collins’ Facebook wall thread who have both MCS and endometriosis. (On March 1st, Susie had kindly posted the link for this endometriosis awareness petition – Create Endometriosis Awareness & Understanding – on her Facebook wall. The next thing you know, one person after another was commenting about having endometriosis *and* MCS or chemical sensitivity).


In any event, I thought Endometriosis Awareness Month would be as good a time as any to set up this group.

To be honest, I am pretty overwhelmed with Endometriosis Awareness Month now. So, I apologize in advance for any delay in responding to messages on the new NING group but I promise I will check in here as frequently as I can. So, if you have endometriosis and MCS, I invite you to join us in the “Endometriosis and MCS” group on the social networking portion of The Canary Report. (Just click the widget at the beginning of this post to join the NING community and then you’ll be able to join the new group there if you wish).

I have so many illnesses to write about that I don’t get to write about MCS anywhere near as often as I would like to… but there are some posts here that talk about MCS. I look forward to getting connected with other patients who have both endometriosis and MCS. (I’m also aware there are good odds that anyone who has both endo & MCS probably has other conditions as well. Goodness knows I do).

I am a big believer in examining the connections between illnesses that seem to have overlapping populations.

Thank you!


P.S. If you have not yet signed the endometriosis awareness petition, please do (see below)!


Thank you!


Endometriosis Awareness Month – March 2010

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Month – May 2010

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1 Susie CollinsNo Gravatar { 03.15.10 at 5:14 am }

Thanks for starting this group, Jeanne! I’d like to personally invite all your readers who are also living with chemical sensitivities to come join our community. It’s a very active, friendly, and supportive flock of canaries, and the network is chock full of information. If there’s anything I can do to help, just ask! Aloha, Susie xoxo
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2 JeanneNo Gravatar { 03.15.10 at 8:06 am }


Thanks! I have been wanting to start the group for awhile since I have noticed that many people with endometriosis also live with chemical sensitivities. If you live with chemical sensitivities but aren’t sure what Susie means by “canary”, pop over to her blog and check it out. You might discover that you are a canary and you don’t even know it! Susie is right about the network being very friendly and supportive (not to mention overflowing with information)! So, if you think the network might be helpful to you, why not pop over there and check it out? As you can see from Susie’s friendly welcome, she is amazingly helpful!


P.S. If you are not officially diagnosed with MCS but believe you are chemically sensitive, I encourage you to check out Susie’s informative blog!

The Canary Report

As a patient with both endometriosis and multiple chemical sensitivity, I am very grateful for The Canary Report. It is just FULL of information!!! I can’t say enough about it. There is a very strong network of supportive, friendly patients there! 🙂

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