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Endo Blog: New Environmental Article — ‘Body Toxic’ and ‘Poisoned Profits’ — Evidence That Endometriosis/Other Conditions Are Linked To Toxins

Regular readers may have noticed my intense interest in environmental factors for endometriosis and other chronic illnesses. If you scroll down my right sidebar (that’s if it’s working now… it’s “on the fritz” again tonight), you’ll see much information about the environment, “going green”, etc.

I have deliberately included links to Environmental Health News, Green Living Tips, “we”, Neutral Existence, etc.

Since environmental factors are so important for endometriosis and other chronic illnesses, I believe it’s imperative to become informed about the links between environment and illness.

See this link: Endometriosis Association: “Toxic link to endo”

I’m no scientist but I have had endometriosis for 26 years now and I’ve done lots of reading on the environmental links between toxins, pesticides, chemicals, etc. on endometriosis patients, infertility patients, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome patients, etc.

Anyway, here is what got me stirred up about environmental factors and illness today… Google occasionally sends me email alerts related to endometriosis. This October 10, 2008 article link got my attention: ‘Body Toxic’ and ‘Poisoned Profits’.

If only this article were the first time I’ve read such alarming information. Unfortunately, it’s far from it!

Please see here for full article: ‘Body Toxic’ and ‘Poisoned Profits’. Here is a quick snippet from that article:

Then I’ll provide some links afterwards that you may find helpful or interesting plus a list of some previous posts I’ve written about environmental issues.

In “Body Toxic,” Baker begins with a visit to Commonweal, a Marin County environmental health institute, to explore some “biomonitoring” studies, which ascertain the numbers and types of foreign chemicals in humans. She then explores the implications of humans harboring so many substances, including increased risk of “cancers of the breast, testicles, and brain; lowered sperm count; early puberty; endometriosis and other defects of the female reproductive system; diabetes; obesity; attention deficit disorder; asthma; and autism.”

Here are some links you may find helpful and some previous posts on environmental issues and their impact on endometriosis and many other chronic illnesses:

Our Stolen Future: A Book by Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, & John Peterson Myers

Our Stolen Future (Books On Endocrine Disruption)

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson – wikipedia entry

Women’s Voices For The Earth

Health Care Without Harm

Environmental Working Group’s Report on Pesticide in Soap, Toothpaste and Breast Milk

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database

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Reading: Endo Blog: New Environmental Article — ‘Body Toxic’ and ‘Poisoned Profits’ — Evidence That Endometriosis/Other Conditions Are Linked To Toxins


1 Alexandra Carmichael { 10.12.08 at 6:32 am }

Interesting post, Jeanne! I’m all for “going green” too. For me this article goes to show just how much research is still needed on these conditions, including how they are affected by environmental factors.
Thanks for posting it!

2 Jeanne { 10.12.08 at 6:34 am }


Thank you for your kind words! You always have something positive to say! 🙂


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