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Endo Blog: Can You Solve The Case Of The Disappearing Sidebar?? PART THREE… It’s Not Just Me!

For the third time in 12 days, most of my blog’s sidebar has disappeared. I decided to do a little sleuthing since this is getting old. Previously, I had asked a couple of blogger friends (both of whom use BlogSpot) if they had ever had this problem… but they had not.

So last night I Googled “disappearing sidebar on blogspot”. Hmm. It was interesting because there are many other bloggers like me that this has happened to. Lovely.

I browsed through link after link of bloggers who have experienced this same problem and read through numerous ideas of what might fix it. I got too tired last night to deal with it for another minute and temporarily gave up.

It is really frustrating that I should need to take time to “de-bug” my sidebar. After all, the layout page looks perfectly fine. The .html page looks fine too. The only page that doesn’t look fine (some of the time, anyway) is my homepage. Of course, that’s what really counts!

The thing is I’m too sick to be rooting through the Internet trying “fix” after “fix” to get my sidebar to just stay put. I just don’t have the energy level to chase down the magic solution to this sidebar issue.

I do know that several of the bloggers who had posted about “disappearing sidebar on blogspot” mentioned they use Internet Explorer. I’m open to all options but if I were a betting woman (which I’m not), I’d bet that this is a BlogSpot problem rather than an IE problem. The number of hits that came up when I searched “disappearing sidebar on blogspot” was pretty telling.

Soooooooooo, I’m hoping it will soon “fix itself” again. I do not have enough energy to “de-bug” this right now. If there were a simple fix that works for many people, I believe I would have found it by now. Weeding through link after link about this topic is just too overwhelming right now.

I fully realize there are much worse problems in the world (!!!) than a partially missing sidebar (and footer). At the same time, I have expended lots of time and energy designing my blog and I really don’t appreciate when a good chunk of it mysteriously disappears 3 times in 12 days. It shouldn’t be happening at all!

If only I could obtain an email address to contact directly (NOT posting the problem via a “help forum”). Such an email address for support seems pretty elusive. Does anyone have such an email address for I’d love to get my sidebar back for good. At the moment it is still missing because I just checked.

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