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I know this note looks long but I would greatly appreciate it if you’d take a moment to read it before proceeding with the contact form. Thank you!


Due to high volumes of email, I would like to request your help.  It is physically impossible for me to keep up with individual responses to each and every email.  After all, I am chronically ill myself and I’m only one person.  In the past, I have noticed that much of the email I have received regarding my blog has been of a nature that could have been discussed on the blog itself.  By exchanging comments in the blog comment section, everyone can have the opportunity to benefit from the support and information that is shared.  “Offline” conversations via individual emails are a lost opportunity for other readers to benefit from any helpful information exchanges which occur.  I handle blog comments first (before email).  So it’s generally a quicker method for reaching me.

I would greatly appreciate if readers will post comments/questions using the blog comments themselves when at all possible.  If you have a question for me, please do me a huge favor and use my blog’s search function to determine whether your question has already been covered.  You may be surprised to discover that your topic has already been covered in a prior post. (The search engine is currently located in the right sidebar under “search this blog”).

There may be occasions where you still feel the need to contact me by email.  If that is the case, please be aware that I handle blog comments first.  So response to your email may be delayed based on my volume of work and how I am feeling.

If you are not a blog reader, I cannot emphasize enough how strongly I discourage spam.

Please keep any emails made here directly relevant to this blog.  Please do not contact me via this form in an effort to sell a product or service.

Also, please refrain from listing commercial links/sites, specific product names, drug names, services, etc. within blog post comments. This blog is not a recruiting station and does not provide free advertising via the blog comments section.

Thank you!

Jeanne from Chronic Healing

This contact form has not been working properly. Please bear with me as I try to get it working again. To send me a private comment, leave a message on any blog post and mark it “private”. (All comments are moderated by me before they are posted). I will not post such comments publicly and will contact you directly as soon as I am able. Thank you for your patience!

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