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Can You Solve The Case Of The Disappearing Sidebar??

Last night, I noticed that the vast majority of the right sidebar of my blog was missing. It just vanished! It had been there 30 minutes earlier… intact. Then most of it just disappeared.

I checked my layout page and everything looked exactly as usual. I refreshed my screen. I closed my browser and opened a new window. I logged out of Blogger and back in. The sidebar was still missing in the same spots.

Briefly last night, most of the sidebar showed up for just a couple of minutes. I had done nothing to “fix” it. It just appeared very briefly on its own… only to disappear again.

So it became invisible again but it still shows up the the layout page… completely normal. My blog posts seem completely unaffected from what I can tell (with the exception of my invisible archives). It’s just the sidebar (and the footer too actually!) that keep disappearing.

I looked through some Blogger help screens last night. While I did find other Blogger authors who had part of their blogs “disappear”… I didn’t see anything I could do about it.

I was not able to find an email address to contact Blogger directly for support.

Is anyone else having this trouble? Has anyone else ever had this happen in the past? If so, can you please tell me how to get my blog back?

It’s frustrating to have a good part of my blog suddenly become invisible when the layout and html pages look just fine!

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1 Jeanne { 10.06.08 at 2:29 am }

Timeline of the missing sidebar:

10/5/08 —

10:20 pm

The sidebar was normal with the exception of one missing widget. (The caption for the widget was there but not the widget itself).

10:21 pm

The sidebar is now back to being almost empty. No changes were made by me… (other than publishing this post). So I have no idea why my sidebar keeps changing.


2 Jeanne { 10.06.08 at 3:09 am }

10:57 pm

I pulled up twitter profile of someone who added me on twitter. Then a window popped up in front of that window:

“Welcome to Google Desktop!”

Among the features listed if I click “I agree” is “sidebar with gadgets”. (The only other option besides "I agree" was to "cancel").

Hmm. Coincidence of timing?? I wondered. I decided "I guess I have nothing to lose" (except, I suppose, the rest of my blog).

So I clicked “I agree” to see if maybe my blog would go back to normal & stay that way.

I clicked “I agree”. The sidebar was still missing many items. I closed the blog and all other windows after getting this message after the "I agree" screen for Google desktop:

“Please complete setting up options before using Google Desktop”. The only slight problem was that this was the only thing on the screen and I couldn't complete the setup without any options to do so.

So, after closing all windows, I opened Internet Explorer again. I pulled up blog again in a brand new window.

OK. For the moment, my sidebar was normal except for one missing widget.

Then I refreshed my screen and the entire blog including the sidebar and footer look totally fine. Let's hope they stick around.


P.S. I just tried to preview this message and had to sign back into Blogger to post the comment. We'll see if this posts OK.

3 Jeanne { 10.06.08 at 12:42 pm }

Yay! I still have my entire blog. The sidebar and footer are just fine. 🙂


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