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Bladder Instillations Rock! (Re-Post)

This is a re-post. My blog has been getting lots of traffic on the topic of interstitial cystitis lately. So, I thought I’d republish a couple of articles.

Hey, I can squeak in another invisible illness post for awareness week.

It’s not September 20th yet! This post was inspired by today’s events.

I have posted this video in the past but I am posting it again because it’s brief, to the point, and helpful:

This will be fairly quick. I am very tired and sore from multiple illnesses flaring up at once but I just had to share some positive news!

The past couple of days, my interstitial cystitis (IC) has been flaring. It is not unusual for my period to trigger bladder pain. To be clear, I have never had endometriosis removed from my bladder. Essentially what happens is that my IC is easily set off by my period.

In any event, I have blogged on previous occasions about interstitial cystitis and how it is a commonly co-existing condition with other illnesses such as endometriosis and irritable bowel syndrome for some patients. (I have all of the above).

After 12 years undiagnosed with IC and having had three urologists tell me I didn’t have it… my pelvic pain specialist diagnosed me with IC during my 4th cystoscopy with hydrodistention.

Since getting my long-awaited diagnosis of IC and beginning proper treatment for it, I have had a huge improvement of symptoms with a combination of oral medication and bladder instillations. I do the bladder instillations at home. This involves self-catheterization to instill the medication(s) into the bladder.


Anyway, I was really hurting earlier and decided it was time to do a bladder instillation, period or not. The good news is that I got SIGNIFICANT relief within minutes.

(Please note: there are a variety of different treatment methods in use by doctors for treating IC. Treatment decisions need to be discussed with your doctor. I purposely choose not to name the medications I take online as a general rule. I am not comfortable naming brands of medications in posts).

So, if you’d like to learn more about bladder instillations and interstitial cystitis, please see “interstitial cystitis” under categories in the right sidebar. (This will pull up IC posts and chronic illness posts. So you may need to sort through a bit to find posts just on IC. I’m still fine-tuning the sorting of the posts from when I switched over to this blog). Alternatively, you could search on “interstitial cystitis” in the search box (also in right sidebar).

One last note… Due to my vulvodynia, my pelvic pain specialist wisely prescribed me PEDIATRIC catheters, which are narrower than adult catheters. I have never self-catheterized with an adult catheter and don’t ever wish to. So, if you have IC or suspect that you might… this might be something to keep in the back of your mind the next time you talk with your doctor. (Obviously, I am not giving medical advice. I am simply sharing something that has been enormously helpful for me).

Last but not least, I always like to mention this organization when I blog about IC because they are fantastic!

—–> Interstitial Cystitis Association


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