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Basic Functioning Mode

My online time has been extremely limited due to many factors. The primary reason is that I’ve been unbelievably busy in this way…

Gone Fishing!

(Image above via Cool Text)

It’s a joke. Just a joke!

Just kidding! I know… It’s a wee bit early for April Fool’s jokes, isn’t it? Seriously, though, even if I were an ice-fisher-woman (which I can assure you that I am most definitely not), I wouldn’t be out fishing now. No way! I’m lucky if I can walk to/from the car without my fibromyalgia and Reynaud’s announcing to me who’s boss. Trust me… they are the bosses!

You won’t ever catch me doing this!

In fact, the single-digit windchill temperatures have been wreaking havoc on me as far as fibromyalgia pain is concerned. So, the last thing I’ve been dreaming of doing is ice-fishing!

In addition to pain in every possible corner of my body due to a fibromyalgia flare-up, I have been dealing with migraines that have been forcing lots of time in bed to get extra sleep. It has been extremely frustrating to get further and further behind on everything but I couldn’t have forced myself to be online more if I had tried. I am now in what I call “basic functioning mode”. That means much of what I like to try to keep up on daily has gone out the window indefinitely.

So, I just wanted to take a few moments to surface long enough to say that I am not really fishing, I am not on vacation (hahaha… I’m full of jokes today!), and I am not ignoring my wonderful online friends. I am sleeping far more than usual, coping with incredible pain, and trying to be as productive as possible at a time when my body protests at nearly everything I try to do.

I believe showers tend to be under-appreciated until they become difficult to come by…

For example, one of my biggest accomplishments today was (gasp!) taking a shower. My husband located the shower chair that was stowed away in the basement (due to my history of falling and/or fainting in the shower at times like this). Thanks to that chair, I did it. Who knew taking a shower would ever be such a massive accomplishment? Three cheers for being clean!

When I’ll be up to writing again remains to be seen. As frustrating as it is to me when I am bursting with ideas to write about but unable to do so, I need to give my body time to recover from the holidays and adjust to the weather changes that are causing a sharp increase in fibromyalgia pain. I am dealing with the migraines as best I can. One day at a time.

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1 AnnieNo Gravatar { 01.06.12 at 2:12 am }

Ugh. Ice fishing just seems nuts, chronic illness or not!
Sorry to hear you’re in basic function mode. While it’s pretty great to be able to basically function (things could be worse, right?) it’s discouraging to feel like you can’t ever get to things you really want to do.
Annie´s last [type] ..The End

2 EndochickNo Gravatar { 01.06.12 at 10:01 pm }

Jeanne –

Take care of yourself. You worry me when you’re like this, Lady! As you’re famous for advising me, your body knows when it needs a rest. So bravo for listening to it. I know it’s rough when we want our bodies to get up and go and it stalls like a broken car, but if you need rest right now, do it. Get better so we can move on to better, more exciting things!
Endochick´s last [type] ..Resolutions

3 JeanneNo Gravatar { 01.07.12 at 1:38 am }


LOL. If I were as healthy as a horse, ice fishing would not be my thing. My “basic functioning” this week has consisted of things like 3 days in a row (including today) where I slept most or all day. I also took the shower chair out of the basement to use it – because showering without it would have been dangerous. (I have a history of falls/fainting in the shower when I’m feeling the way I have been this week). So, my functioning has definitely been limited.

However, as you pointed out… it could have been worse. There are things I really need to do that just aren’t getting done. I need to call and reschedule 2 doctor appointments. I need to sort out a pharmacy mess. (I tried that once this week but got no resolution). I just haven’t had the energy to deal because, as we all know, these seemingly simple tasks never end up being as simple as they should be. Sigh. While I may be stressed about things getting backed up, I am grateful to have been able to do what little I did do this week.


LOL. Look who’s talking. I hope you get some rest this weekend. You’ve been running yourself ragged. I don’t give advice. Suggestions/ideas? Absolutely. I don’t give “advice”, though. For me – in this week’s case – my body went into “shutdown” and I couldn’t have ignored it if I had tried. So, I can’t take any credit for listening to it. (I honestly would have listened, though, if it hadn’t gone into “shutdown”). I have been resting a ton. No worries there. Yes, let’s both feel better so that we can move on to better, more exciting things.



4 Hayley CafarellaNo Gravatar { 01.10.12 at 6:16 pm }

I am sorry to read that you are struggling at the moment, Jeanne! Sending hugs and get well vibes xoxox

5 JeanneNo Gravatar { 01.17.12 at 6:19 am }


Thank you. It has been pretty wild, lately! That’s for sure. It’ll get better. Sending hugs back. I’m so happy for you that you had such a great trip!! xoxoxo


6 DianeNo Gravatar { 02.03.12 at 2:57 pm }

Jeanne, I know how you feel. I have Fibro/Neuralgia/Sjogren’s Syndrome all which cause my body some heavy pain at times. All I can get out of my body is sleep! Even my brain is on sleep mode and I never know exactly when it will happen, although I do have hints that alert me before I go into full-blown sleepiness. I really feel for you! I also go into “cry-me and leave-me-alone” zones when I have full blown pain days…and taking a shower?? forget energy for that, even with a bathtub chair! I pray alot to Jesus, he is on my mind 24/7 to come to my aid and let me tell you he has been my savior for amany times when I thought I wouldn’t make it through part of a day. I’ve spent many days in bed, in pain, no movement, crying, sleeping and just starying at the TV hoping something would take the unbelieveable pain I was having away! My days are much better now since I found out that I was low on D and Vitamin B’s. But these rainy or cold days (in KS it gets cold too) can put me into a spin again. Wearing soft jammies all day because clothes are too painful to wear and take way too much of my energy to even put on. I feel like a hermit most days..thank goodness for the good days I have being able to get out of my house! I try to go to the store and to church when I’m up to it. My husband is terrific in keeping me entertained most of the time, but difficult when it comes to me spending more than a day of being down (Which if I could, I would definately change too!). Life just threw me for a loop very quickly and I am trying the best I can to deal with it. I don’t have power/control over it and I’ve learned that with time and a lot of crying. I decided it was easier to give it to God and that left me feeling okay inside, actually I felt very comforted! I hope your days get better soon. We don’t have much of the Winter season to go and soon it will be Spring. We’ll watch the sunshine come up out of the stary night skies and the flowers peaking out from under the soil, the grass will turn green and leaves will once again be on our favorite trees along with flowering blooms of pink, white, purple, and yellow colors filling our brightest skies of soft blue. The birds will return to chirp and sing their cheery songs while the butterflies do loops and swirls and the hummingbirds fly swiftly by our heads to drink the wonderful fruits of Heaven. Good Day, Sweetie :o)

7 JeanneNo Gravatar { 02.06.12 at 4:51 am }

Welcome Diane!

Sorry for the slow reply. I haven’t been blogging at all lately. I’ve been dealing with a complex crisis offline. So, I’m afraid I can’t write the kind of detailed reply I normally would at this time. However, I will try my best to do that at some future point. Please hang in there. I know it’s really difficult. You are not alone. There are many people with a constellation of illnesses. I wish I could write more now but I desperately need some sleep. Take care.

Best wishes to you!


8 JeanneNo Gravatar { 03.05.12 at 11:09 pm }


I am still handling an offline crisis that has thrown me completely off schedule. Therefore, I still can’t reply in detail (like I’m used to) – but I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected given your symptoms.

Take care,


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